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Increase resolution of time measurement for platforms featuring HAL_CLOCK_READ_NS. [Bugzilla 1001958]
author vae
date Thu, 13 Mar 2014 21:32:49 +0000
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2014-03-13  Ilija Kocho  <>

	* tests/tm_basic.c: Increase resolution of time measurement for platforms
	featuring HAL_CLOCK_READ_NS. [Bugzilla 1001958]

2013-06-13  Ilija Kocho  <>

	* tests/kintr0.c, tests/kcache1.c: Fix compiler warnings.

2013-04-26  Ilija Kocho  <>

	* tests/fpint_thread_switch.c: Fix missing semicolon.
	Bug spotted and patch provided by John Dallaway. [ Bugzilla 1001835 ]

2013-02-10  Ilija Kocho  <>
            Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* cdl/kernel.cdl:
	* tests/fpinttestf.c, tests/fpinttestf1.c, tests/fpinttestf2.c,
	* tests/fpint_thread_switch.c: Add single precision floating point tests.
	[ Bugzilla 1001607 ]

2012-10-04  Ilija Kocho <>

	* tests/kcache2.c: Include CYGHWR_MEMORY_LAYOUT_H in order to
	effectively test memory size. Bug reported and fix suggested by
	Bernd Edlinger.                              [Bugzilla 1001650]

2012-05-27  Ilija Kocho <>

	* tests/kcache2.c: Allow comilation for targets with less then
	128KiB RAM by conditionally reducing of MAXSIZE to (1<<16)

2012-03-19  Sergei Gavrikov  <>
            Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* tests/except1.cxx (cause_exception): Fix compiler warning about
	variable that is set but not used. Enter CYGBLD_ATTRIB_UNUSED.
	* tests/kexcept1.c (cause_exception): Ditto.
	* tests/kmbox1.c (entry1): Fix compiler warning about variable that
	is set but not used. Use by a conditional CYGMTH_MBOX_PUT_CAN_WAIT.
	* tests/mbox1.cxx (entry1): Ditto.
	* tests/tm_basic.cxx (run_thread_tests, run_mbox_tests,
	run_flag_tests): Remove unused variables.

2012-03-06  Grant Edwards <>
	* src/intr/intr.cxx (attach): Fix compiler warning about unused
	variable. [ Bugzilla 1001505 ]

2011-07-09  Ilija Kocho  <>

	* tests/bin_sem2.cxx (PHILOSOPHERS):
	* tests/ (TEST_NA):
	* tests/kmutex3.c (NTHREADS):
	* tests/kmutex4.c (NTHREADS):
	* tests/mutex3.cxx (NTHREADS):
	* tests/thread_gdb.c (NTHREADS):
	* tests/timeslice.c (NTHREADS_MAX):
	* tests/timeslice2.c (NTHREADS_MAX):
	* tests/tm_basic.cxx (NTEST_THREADS): Given a chance to compile and
	run more tests for low memory footprint targets. [ Bugzilla 1001253 ]

2010-11-22  Andrew Lunn  <>

	* tests/intr0.cxx (intr0_main): Fix a compiler warning by changing
	a CHECK() statement.

2010-03-29  Lars Povlsen  <>

	* src/common/thread.cxx: Add volatile to idle_thread_loops for use with
	cpuload package and GCC 4.

2010-02-25  John Dallaway  <>

	* doc/kernel.sgml: Indicate that cyg_alarm_initialize() takes an
	absolute trigger value. Issue reported by Grant Edwards.
	* cdl/kernel.cdl: Reference the kernel instrumentation documentation.

2010-01-27  John Dallaway  <>

	* include/instrmnt.h: Add instrumentation macros for event flags and
	the bitmap scheduler.
	* include/instrument_desc.h: Regenerate.
	* src/sync/flag.cxx, src/sched/bitmap.cxx: Add instrumentation.
	* cdl/instrument.cdl: Add CYGDBG_KERNEL_INSTRUMENT_FLAG and

2009-10-04  John Dallaway  <>

	* cdl/instrument.cdl: Add CYGDBG_KERNEL_INSTRUMENT_MLQ option. Issue
	reported by Pieter-Jan Busschaert.

2009-08-24  John Dallaway  <>

	* doc/kernel.sgml: Use "reinterpret_cast" throughout the C++ thread
	entry point example. [ Bugzilla 1000550 ]

2009-05-14  John Dallaway  <>

	* src/common/thread.cxx: Use the Cyg_Scheduler::get_current_thread()
	convenience function when instrumenting thread events. Bug reported
	by Pieter-Jan Busschaert.

2008-12-18  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* tests/tm_basic.cxx (STACK_SIZE): Revert accidental change of
	stack size back to CYGNUM_HAL_STACK_SIZE_MINIMUM. Changed by
	accident at same time as change below of 2006-12-08.

2008-11-18  Sergei Gavrikov  <>

	* tests/tm_basic.cxx (max): Actually the meaning was right before,
	it was just the name that was wrong. So revert below, and change 
	name to min.

2008-11-14  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* tests/tm_basic.cxx (max): Was wrong way round. Resolves issue

2008-07-24  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* include/thread.inl: Silence some warnings by assigning
	string literals to const char *, not char *.

2007-08-23  Hans Rosenfeld  <>

	* tests/intr0.cxx, tests/kintr0.c: As suggested by Bart Veer,
	priorities of the interrupts created by intr0 and kintr0 can now
	be overridden by the HAL through HAL_INTR_TEST_PRIO_x constants.

2007-07-02  Gary Thomas  <>

	* src/debug/dbg_gdb.cxx: 
	* src/common/thread.cxx (Cyg_IdleThread): Add (char *) casts
	to make GCC/4.2.x happy.

2007-06-11  Nick Garnett  <>

	* tests/klock.c (entry0, entry1): Modify mbox part of test to
	reflect use of plain mbox implementation. The precise ordering of
	events is slightly different.

2007-01-07  Andrew Lunn  <>

	* src/sync/mbox.cxx (Cyg_Mbox::get): Fix compiler warning with gcc
	version 4.1.2.

2006-12-08  Nick Garnett  <>
        * src/sched/mlqueue.cxx (add_thread, yield): 
	* src/sched/sched.cxx (unlock_inner, thread_entry): 
	* include/mlqueue.hxx (class Cyg_SchedThread_Implementation):
	* include/kapidata.h (CYG_SCHEDTHREAD_TIMESLICE_MEMBER): 
	* include/bitmap.hxx (class Cyg_SchedThread_Implementation):
	Reimplement timeslicing code. There is now a timeslice_count field
	in each thread which is moved to and from the per-CPU counter
	during thread dispatch. This approach has been taken to minimize
	the changes needed to SMP code. Scheduler specific thread
	functions handle counter save, restore and reset. These functions
	are defined (as empty inlines) even when timeslicing is disabled,
	or in non-timeslicing schedulers, to avoid adding ifdefs to the
	code (this change actually removes some).

	* tests/timeslice2.c: 
	* cdl/kernel.cdl: Added timeslice2 test to test behaviour of
	timeslicing while being preempted.

2006-10-12  Nick Garnett  <>

	* cdl/synch.cdl: Added CYGIMP_MBOX_USE_MBOXT_PLAIN option. This is
	tested in various places but was not actually defined. It now is
	and defaults to 1 so that the plain version of mail boxes is

	* include/mboxt.inl: 
	* include/mboxt2.inl: Moved various CYG_ASSERTCLASS() calls to be
	within scheduler locked regions. Race conditions could have caused
	them to fail before.

	* tests/mbox1.cxx:
	* tests/kmbox1.cxx: Updated tests to work with mboxt
	implementation. This requires thread 1 to run at lower priority
	than thread 0.

2006-08-21  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* doc/kernel.sgml: Use reinterpret_cast, not static cast
	Thanks to Tony Garland for the report in bug 1000299.

2006-05-19  Andrew Lunn  <>

	* host/instr/dump_instr.c: Use CYG_NELEM from infra.
	* src/instrmnt/meminst.cxx: Use CYG_NELEM from infra.

2006-05-09  Andrew Lunn  <>

	* tests/stress_threads.c: Add string.h to avoid compiler warning.

2006-04-11  Sergei Organov <>

	* doc/kernel.sgml: Fix typo

2006-04-10  Sergei Organov  <>

	Implement FIFO variant of scheduling of DSRs and make it the
	default. This is reworked patch originally suggested by Stefan
	Sommerfeld <>.

	* cdl/interrupts.cdl (CYGIMP_KERNEL_INTERRUPTS_DSRS_LIST): make it
	* include/intr.hxx (class Cyg_Interrupt): new static variable
	* src/intr/intr.cxx (call_pending_DSRs_inner): add
	(post_dsr): likewise.
	* tests/intr0.cxx: fix comments to match actual option names.
	* tests/kintr0.c: likewise.
2006-03-27  Marco Cruz  <>

	* include/thread.hxx: removed extra qualifier of
	Cyg_Thread::reinitialize() to permit compile on gcc 4.1.0
	* include/sched.hxx: removed extra qualifier of
	Cyg_Scheduler::thread_entry to permit compile on gcc 4.1.0

2006-02-14  Andrew Lunn  <>

	* tests/timeslice.c  (STACK_SIZE): Reduce the stack size so it will
	compile on targets wit h only small amounts of RAM.
	* tests/fptest.c: Calculate the size of ftp2_values array to fit
	the amount of RAM in small systems.
	* tests/clocktruth.cxx: Fix the header.
2006-01-19  Nick Garnett  <>

	* src/sched/sched.cxx (thread_entry): Fixed a bug which could
	cause a thread to be started with a non-zero scheduler lock. The
	previous code only decremented it by 1 so if the previous thread
	was executing with the lock > 1 the thread ended up with a
	non-zero lock. This is fixed by decrementing the lock in a loop
	until it reaches zero.

	* src/common/thread.cxx (idle_thread_main): Added an assert for a
	non-zero scheduler lock.

2006-01-10  Nick Garnett  <>

	* src/sched/sched.cxx: 
	* include/sched.hxx (class Cyg_Scheduler): Added thread_entry()
	member function. This handles thread startup housekeeping. Zeroing
	the scheduler lock is handled by calling unlock() so that DSRs may
	be run.

	* src/common/thread.cxx (thread_entry): Refactored code to call
	Cyg_Scheduler::thread_entry() instead of doing all the work here.	

2005-11-23  Sergei Organov  <>

	* doc/kernel.sgml: Fix description of CYG_ISR_CALL_DSR and
	CYG_ISR_HANDLED. Fix example isr_function() accordingly.

2005-10-23  Andrew Lunn  <>

	* include/flag.hxx: We need thread.inl for the empty() function
	implementation which the compiler wants to inline.
2005-08-03  Andrew Lunn  <>

	* tests/ksem1.c: Type fix to fix a compiler warning.
	* tests/mutex3.cxx: new cannot be both static and global.
	* tests/testaux.hxx: Ditto

2005-07-30  Andrew Lunn  <>

	* src/sync/mbox.cxx (tryget,peak_item): initialize local variable
	to avoid compiler warning.
2005-06-21  Peter Korsgaard  <>

	* tests/kcache2.c (test_dcache_operation): Fixed compiler warnings
	about formats strings for diag_printf.

2005-03-27  Andrew Lunn  <>

	* tests/tm_basic.cxx (_run_all_tests): Fixed compiler warning.

2004-12-15  Sergei Organov <>

	* cdl/scheduler.cdl: Correct the description of
2004-09-24  Nick Garnett  <>

	* src/sched/mlqueue.cxx (enqueue): Fix bug in sorted queue
	insertion: priority test was inverted. Spotted by TomChen.

2004-08-08  Bart Veer  <>

	* cdl/counters.cdl: add new option for the clock interrupt

	* src/common/clock.cxx (Cyg_RealTimeClock): use this option.

2004-04-15  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* tests/fptest.c (do_test): Silence aliasing warning when breaking
	doubles into two ints.

2004-04-11  Andrew Lunn  <>

	* doc/kernel.sgml: Expanded the documentation about the use of

2004-03-27  Sebastien Couret	<>

	* src/debug/dbg-thread-demux.c (dbg_thread_syscall_rmt): Only

2004-03-12  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* include/kapi.h: Add throw specifications throughout.
	* src/kapi.cxx: Ditto.
	* include/sched.inl: Move include of thread.inl further down to
	allow Cyg_Scheduler inlines to be defined first.
	* include/thread.inl: Reorder destructors section and include
	sched.inl right before it to solve mutual header dependency

2004-03-04  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* doc/kernel.sgml: Document cyg_thread_delete return value.

2004-02-19  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* tests/kmutex3.c (cyg_start): Use CYG_TEST_NA.
	* tests/kmutex4.c (cyg_start): Ditto.
	* tests/mutex2.cxx (cyg_start): Ditto.
	* tests/mutex3.cxx (cyg_start): Ditto.
	* tests/sync3.cxx (cyg_start): Ditto.
	* tests/thread2.cxx (cyg_start): Ditto.

	* tests/fptest.c (cyg_start): Use one line NA msg.
	* tests/smp.cxx (cyg_start): Ditto.
	* tests/timeslice.c (cyg_start): Ditto.
	* tests/tm_basic.cxx (cyg_start): Ditto.

2003-12-08  Dan Jakubiec  <>

	* src/common/kapi.cxx: Added new function cyg_thread_get_id().
	This function returns the unique thread ID for a given thread

	* include/kapi.h: Added function prototype for cyg_thread_get_id().

	* doc/kernel.sgml: Added documentation for cyg_thread_get_id().

2003-10-13  Nick Garnett  <>

	* src/common/clock.cxx (Cyg_Counter::tick): Changed code to deal
	with manipulation of unsorted lists (see ChangeLogs passim). There
	are several corner cases where the current code does not
	work. Replaced with a more straightforward, but slightly more
	expensive, implementation.

2003-09-22  Reinhard Jessich  <>

	* src/common/clock.cxx: Removed	label/goto
	add_alarm_unlock_return to get rid of compiler error when

2003-09-01  Bart Veer  <>

	* doc/kernel.sgml: fix typo, cyg_thread vs. cyg_thread_t

2003-07-18  Nick Garnett  <>

	* cdl/counters.cdl: Removed the counters override CDL
	options. These are no longer very useful, since too much
	non-kernel code now uses the HAL options to get these values.

2003-07-10  Nick Garnett  <>

	* src/common/clock.cxx (Cyg_Counter::tick): In unsorted list case:
	moved saving of next node details to before re-insertion of alarms
	with intervals. The call to add_alarm() can make enough of a
	difference to the list to need to force a rescan.

2003-07-06  Bart Veer  <>

	* include/test/stackmon.h (cyg_test_size_a_stack):
	If stack checking is enabled, look for 0xdeadbeef rather than 0x0
	to determine usage. Also reset the interrupt stack to that value.

2003-07-02  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* doc/kernel.sgml: Document that timeouts for timed functions are
	absolute, not relative. Also document new semantics for
	cyg_semaphore_timed_wait() for timeouts in the past.

2003-07-01  Nick Garnett  <>

	* include/clock.hxx: Made Cyg_Counter::add_alarm() and
	Cyg_Counter::rem_alarm() private functions. They no longer lock
	the scheduler, so should not be called directly, only via the
	Cyg_Alarm functions.

	* include/clock.inl: Removed inline version of
	Cyg_Alarm::disable(). It's no longer a one-liner and is thus
	better as a proper function.

	* src/common/clock.cxx (Cyg_Counter::tick): Rewrote the unsorted
	list option. If the function of one alarm adds or removes other
	alarms, then is was possible for the list to become corrupted. The
	new implementation attempts to avoid this problem.
	(Cyg_Alarm::initialize): Added scheduler locking to protect the
	enabled flag.
	(Cyg_Alarm::enable): Ditto.
	(Cyg_Alarm::disable): Ditto. Moved here from clock.inl.
	(Cyg_Alarm::add_alarm): Removed scheduler locking, it is now
	always called from functions that have already locked it. Added an
	assertion to double-check this.
	(Cyg_Alarm::rem_alarm): Ditto.

	* cdl/kernel.cdl:
	* tests/kalarm0.c:
	Added new test to test that alarms can be added and removed in
	alarm functions safely.
2003-06-25  Thomas Binder  <>

	* src/common/clock.cxx (Cyg_Counter::rem_alarm): Bugfix: call
	Cyg_Scheduler::lock() before calculation of index into alarm_list
	array to avoid race condition with multi list counters.

2003-06-06  David Brennan  <>
2003-06-23  Nick Garnett  <>

	* cdl/kernel.cdl: Added tests/bin_sem3 to list of kernel tests.

	* include/sema.hxx: Added declaration for wait with timeout for
	* include/instrmnt.h: Added instrumentation point for binary semaphore
        * src/sync/bin_sem.cxx: Added wait with time-out function to 
        Cyg_Binary_Semaphore class. 

	* src/sync/cnt_sem.cxx: Modified semantics slightly to claim an
	available semaphore even with a timeout in the past. This is in
	line with the new timed wait in bin_sem.cxx. 

	* tests/bin_sem3.cxx: Created new test for timed wait binary
2003-05-20  Andrew Lunn  <>

	* src/common/kapi.cxx (cyg_thread_get_next): Passing a *current
	pointer as NULL if how you start the walk of the linked list. So
	don't assert on NULL. Reported by Daniel Lidsten.

2003-05-05  Gary Thomas  <>

	* tests/tm_basic.cxx: Support new option controlling number of times
	this test runs.  This is useful for long-term stress and performance

2003-05-03  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* include/mqueue.inl (Cyg_Mqueue::get): Fix invalid loop termination
	cheque for whether busy or not.
	(Cyg_Mqueue::put): Ditto.

2003-03-03  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* tests/fptest.c: Make all variables static to avoid any risk
	of collisions with symbols defined elsewhere in eCos.

2003-02-27  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* include/kapidata.h: Revert change of 2001-08-23 and instead make
	it conditional on the GCC version. Also add comments explaining why
	this file has been apparently obfuscated.

2003-02-25  Nick Garnett  <>

	* tests/fptest.c (alarm_fn): Added CYG_TEST_PASS() call to keep
	configtool happy.

2003-02-24  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* cdl/kernel.cdl: Update doc links.
	* cdl/synch.cdl: Ditto.
	* cdl/thread.cdl: Ditto.

2003-02-19  Nick Garnett  <>

	* tests/fptest.c: Changed to run for a constant time rather than a
	constant number of iterations, with a shorter run time for
	simulated targets.

2003-02-10  Gary Thomas  <>

	* include/thread.inl: Add more debug info to thread stack checking.

	* tests/clocktruth.cxx: 
	* tests/clockcnv.cxx: Use <cyg/infra/diag.h> for diag_printf()
	prototype, rather than hard coding (because it was inconsistent).

2003-02-05  Gary Thomas  <>

	* tests/kcache2.c (test_dcache_operation): New test to verify
	that the DATA cache syncs properly.

2003-01-31  Nick Garnett  <>

	* cdl/kernel.cdl: 
	* tests/fptest.c: Added this program to test interaction of FPU
	with multiple threads.

2003-01-30  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* src/common/thread.cxx: Fix potential warning and overflow with

2003-01-28  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* src/common/kapi.cxx (cyg_thread_get_next): Be quite zealous about
	checking the validity of passed in threads in debug mode.
	(cyg_thread_get_info): Ditto.

	* cdl/thread.cdl: Correct max legal value for

2003-01-22  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* doc/kernel.sgml: Document cyg_thread_info type.

2003-01-13  Dmitriy Korovkin  <>
2003-01-13  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* include/mqueue.hxx: Allow get/put to return time out.
	* include mqueue.inl: Ditto.

2003-01-02  Gary Thomas  <>

	* tests/kcache2.c: New subtest for raw data cache operations.

2002-12-12  Nick Garnett  <>

	* src/common/kapi.cxx: 
	* include/kapi.h:
	Added function cyg_thread_get_next(), cyg_thread_find() and
	cyg_thread_get_info() to allow the current set of threads to be
	enumerated, and per-thread information to be retrieved safely.

	* doc/kernel.sgml: Documented new KAPI calls.

	* src/common/thread.cxx: Zero unique_id in thread destructor so
	that a stale thread pointer can be checked for validity.

	* include/instrmnt.h:
	Added cyg_instrument_state() to report the current state of an
	instrumentation flag.
	Moved ifdef for CYGDBG_KERNEL_INSTRUMENT_MSGS out of within FLAGS
	ifdef. We can have messages without flags.

	* src/instrmnt/meminst.cxx: 
	Added cyg_instrument_state() to report the current state of an
	instrumentation flag.
	Modified cyg_instrument_msg() in line with header and table

	* host/instr/dump_instr.c:
	* host/instr/
	* include/instrument_desc.h: 
	Added a final NULL element to the generated table in
	instrument_desc.h to mark its end. Otherwise code that does not
	have access to the table definition cannot find its end. Also
	added ifdefs to allow instrument_desc.h to be used to acquire the
	structure definition and table pointer.

2002-12-03  Gary Thomas  <>

	* tests/tm_basic.cxx: Add tests of 'flag' synchronizers.

2002-10-28  Andrew Lunn  <>

	* tests/tm_basic.cxx: Include infra/diag.h and removed the 
	incorrect prototype for diag_printf

2002-10-16  Gary Thomas  <>

	* include/test/stackmon.h (STACKMON_PRINTF): Use #include to get
	prototype for 'diag_printf()'.

2002-10-01  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* src/common/clock.cxx (add_alarm): Tweak last change to allow
	alarm order for identical alarms to be the same as it used to be.

2002-09-30  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* src/common/clock.cxx (add_alarm): Fix bug resulting in alarms
	not being added at all if a lower triggered alarm already exists.
	Reported by Christoph Csebits.
	Also fix bug when alarm is entered for the same time as tail.
	These bugs only apply for CYGIMP_KERNEL_COUNTERS_SORT_LIST enabled.

	* doc/kernel.sgml: document that order of callback for alarms at
	identical times is unspecified.

2002-08-08  Nick Garnett  <>

	* src/sched/sched.cxx (unlock_inner): Removed initial
	assertion. This has served its purpose and with the introduction
	of routines such as unlock_reschedule() is prone to firing in
	otherwise benign circumstances.

2002-08-05  Bart Veer  <>

	* cdl/kernel.cdl, include/kapidata.h, include/kapi.h:
	Allow configurations with the kernel but no malloc

2002-06-05  Gary Thomas  <>

	* include/kapi.h: Fix prototype (to allow builds with net stack).

2002-05-24  Jesper Skov  <>

	* cdl/kernel.cdl: Fix typo.

2002-05-23  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* include/kapi.h: Expose new cyg_thread_add_destructor and
	cyg_thread_rem_destructor APIs.

	* include/kapidata.h (struct Cyg_Destructor_Entry):
	Change CYG_ADDRWORD to more correct cyg_addrword_t.

	* include/thread.hxx (class Cyg_Thread): add_destructor and
	rem_destructor are onyl static when not per-thread.

	* include/thread.inl (add_destructor): Don't need to lock and unlock
	scheduler when destructors are per-thread.
	(rem_destructor): Ditto.

	* src/common/thread.cxx (exit): No need to lock scheduler when
	calling destructors.

	* doc/kernel.sgml: Document thread destructor API.

2002-05-23  Nick Garnett  <>

	* doc/kernel.sgml: Some more edits to the kernel documentation:
	changed all references to message boxes to mail boxes, clarified
	some thing in various places, fixed a few typos.

2002-05-23  Jesper Skov  <>

	* cdl/kernel.cdl: Cleaned up kernel tests rule. Also remove tests
	depending on the C API when its not present. And skip dhrystone
	test when debug or instrumentation is enabled.

	* tests/tm_basic.cxx: Fixed warning.

2002-05-22  Nick Garnett  <>

	* doc/kernel.sgml:
	Fixed up SMP documentation.
	Rewrote condtion variable documentation to make its relationship
	to mutexes more apparent.

2002-05-22  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/smp.cxx: Move inclusion of testaux.hxx to below NA

2002-05-21  Bart Veer  <>

	* doc/kernel.sgml:
	Major update to the kernel documentation.

2002-05-21  Jesper Skov  <>

	* src/common/clock.cxx (dsr): Fix latency ifdef guards.
	* tests/tm_basic.cxx: Same.

2002-05-20  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* src/sched/mlqueue.cxx: Don't force timeslice tracing on by default
	against	the user's wishes.
	* cdl/scheduler.cdl: Instead provide an option controlling it.

2002-05-09  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* include/kapidata.h (CYG_HARDWARETHREAD_MEMBERS): entry_point
	should be a pointer to function not an addrword (which may be
	(cyg_reason_t): Define cyg_reason_t as an enum not an int.
	(struct cyg_mutex_t): Define mutex protocol as an enum not a cyg_uint32.
	Define locked member as a cyg_atomic, not a cyg_bool.

2002-05-09  Nick Garnett  <>

	* tests/timeslice.c: Modified test thread to accumulate run time
	by reading HAL clock, and to detect and record changes of CPU. The
	previous version of this code reported varying results - probably
	as a consequence of cache effects.

	* include/instrmnt.h: Fixed left-over debug edit to MLQ
	instrumentation enable code.

2002-04-29  Jesper Skov  <>

	* include/kapi.h: Added cyg_alarm_get_times and
	* src/common/kapi.cxx: Same. Er, fix oversight.
	* doc/kernel.sgml: Doc update.

2002-04-24  Yoshinori Sato  <>

	* src/sync/flag.cxx: Don't set default args in func definitions.

2002-04-24  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/dhrystone.c: Moved platform max number of passes to CDL in

2002-04-23  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/dhrystone.c: Allow platform to define max number of passes

2002-04-09  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* include/kapi.h: Use NORET attributes from cyg_type.h.
	* include/sched.hxx (class Cyg_Scheduler): Ditto.

2002-04-08  Nick Garnett  <>

	* src/sync/mutex.cxx: Added IF_PROTOCOL_ACTIVE macro to condition
	use of the mutex counter. This means that a mutex that is not
	configured to participate in a priority inversion protocol does not
	count for operation of that protocol. 

2002-03-04  Lars Viklund <>

	* include/kapidata.h (CYG_SCHEDTHREAD_ASR_MEMBER): 
	asr_inhibit is cyg_ucount32 - must match

2002-02-13  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* doc/kernel.sgml: NEW FILE: Correct reference to uITRON doc.

2002-01-28  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/kexcept1.c: Fix warning.

2002-01-24  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/kcache1.c (time0DI): Disable interrupts around the
	sync+invalidate process.
	* tests/kcache2.c: Same.

2002-01-23  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* src/intr/intr.cxx (mask_interrupt): Disable interrupts.
	(unmask_interrupt): Ditto.
	(mask_interrupt_intunsafe): New function to avoid disabled interrupts.
	(unmask_interrupt_intunsafe): Ditto.
	* include/intr.hxx (class Cyg_Interrupt): Declare above new funcs.
	* src/common/kapi.cxx (cyg_interrupt_unmask_intunsafe): Above
	replicated to KAPI.
	(cyg_interrupt_mask_intunsafe): Ditto.
	* include/kapi.h: Ditto.

2002-01-07  Nick Garnett  <>

	* tests/except1.cxx: 
	* tests/kexcept1.cxx:
	Added ifdef to disable these tests in ARM PID platform. This
	platform cannot generate any of the exceptions that this test
	needs to work.

2001-12-12  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/kcache2.c (time_ilock): Put some dummy goto statements in
	to prevent compiler from moving labels around.

2001-11-29  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* src/sched/mlqueue.cxx (timeslice_cpu): Reset timeslice_count on
	a timeslice.
	Noticed by Tony Kho.

2001-11-23  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* tests/klock.c (entry1): Support running with

2001-10-30  Nick Garnett  <>

	* tests/kcache2.c (test_dsync):
	Added call to HAL_ICACHE_INVALIDATE_ALL() just before DCACHE
	disable. In platforms where both caches are controlled together,
	such as the VR4300, not doing this can result in strange behaviour
	as the ICACHE gets turned off under the program's feet, when it is
	not ready for it.

2001-10-17  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/dhrystone.c: CYGINT_ISO_STRING_STRFUNCS check changed to

2001-10-12  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* cdl/synch.cdl (CYGIMP_KERNEL_SYNCH_MQUEUE_NOT_INLINE): New option
	to avoid inlining mqueue implementation.

	* src/sync/mqueue.cxx: New file to provide non-inline version of
	mqueue functions.

	* include/mqueue.hxx: Don't include .inl if user doesn't want inlining.

	* include/mqueue.inl: Allow choice of inlining or not to be
	overridden by macro.

	* tests/mqueue1.cxx: Never use inline version.

2001-10-11  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/kmutex3.c (new_thread): Fixed allocation: increase counter
	before starting threads which have been allocated resources.
	* tests/kmutex4.c (new_thread): Same.
	* tests/mutex3.cxx (new_thread): Same.
	* tests/testaux.hxx (new_thread): Same.

	* tests/kcache2.c: Fixed warning.
	* tests/stress_threads.c: Same.

2001-09-20  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* host/instr/dump_instr.c (main): Fix argc check.

2001-09-07  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* include/thread.inl (measure_stack_usage): Deal with stack limits.

2001-09-07  Nick Garnett  <>

	* src/common/thread.cxx (set_priority): Change argument to
	instrumentation call to new_priority rather than current
	priority. (Suggested by Andrew Lunn).

2001-09-05  Jesper Skov  <>

	* include/mqueue.inl (Cyg_Mqueue): Initialize busy flag of last
	entry in the list.

2001-09-04  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	Remove redundant requires, and adjust make rule to be more portable
	across hosts.
	Invoke script with sh directly rather than rely on executable attribute.

	* host/instr/readme.txt: Update build of host dump as per the changed

	* cdl/kernel.cdl: Don't build nullinst.cxx any more.
	Build meminst.cxx only in CYGPKG_KERNEL_INSTRUMENT.
	* src/instrmnt/nullinst.cxx: Delete. It causes confusion in the
	library as it declares cyg_instrument like meminst.cxx does.

2001-08-31  Nick Garnett  <>

	* src/intr/intr.cxx: Clean up typo in DSR table
	case. dsr_table_tail and dsr_table_head were not being subscripted
	in a couple of places.

2001-08-23  Hugo Tyson  <>
2001-08-20  Andrew Lunn <>

	* include/instrument_desc.h: New file.  This contains the table of
	events used to print the nice information.  It should be
	regenerated when the instrumentation numbers change.

	* src/instrmnt/meminst.cxx (cyg_instrument_msg):
	returns an ASCII string describing the type of event the
	instrumentation code logged.

	* include/instrmnt.h: Added function prototype.

	* cdl/instrument.cdl: Configury for enabling the new function, and
	optionally rebuilding its header file and building a host tool.

	* host/instr/dump_instr.c: New file.  A host program to print the
	instrumentation information in a human readable form.

	* host/instr/ New file.  Script to generate table of
	events with textual representation.

	* host/instr/readme.txt: New file.  Helpful information.

2001-08-23  Nick Garnett  <>

	* include/kapidata.h (CYG_THREADTIMER_MEMBERS):
	Substituted an expicit cyg_alarm object for CYG_ALARM_MEMBERS in
	this definition. In some architectures (MIPS in particular) the
	structures need to be padded to a multiple of 64 bits. This was
	not happening with the macro substituted versions.
	This is just a temporary fix, I'll leave it to Jifl to sort out a
	real patch when he returns.

2001-08-23  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* src/common/thread.cxx: Properly qualify Cyg_Thread::destructors
	array so that it builds when destructors are not used.

2001-08-23  Nick Garnett  <>

	* src/sched/mlqueue.cxx: Added code to
	Cyg_SchedThread_Implementation::to_queue_head() to handle a NULL
	thread queue pointer. This compensates for a minor change in
	behaviour of the scheduler.

2001-08-22  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* cdl/thread.cdl: Add kernel thread destructor options.
	* include/kapidata.h: Add thread destructor entries to cyg_thread
	* include/thread.hxx (Cyg_Thread): Give per-thread data indexes
	their own type, cyg_data_index.
	Include new thread destructor data members, and new add_destructor
	and rem_destructor member functions.
	* include/thread.inl: Use a cyg_data_index for per-thread data handle.
	(add_destructor): New Cyg_Thread member function.
	(rem_destructor): Ditto.
	* src/common/kapi.cxx: Use cyg_data_index type for per-thread data
	* src/common/thread.cxx (Cyg_Thread): initialise per-thread
	destructors if needed.
	Define static destructors if needed.
	(exit): Call destructors.
	(new_data_index): Use cyg_data_index type.
	(free_data_index): Ditto.

2001-08-22  Hugo Tyson  <>
	* src/sync/mutex.cxx (Cyg_Mutex): Add initialization of the
	priority ceiling value in the non-dynamic protocol case.

2001-08-22  Nick Garnett  <>

	* tests/intr0.c: 
	* tests/kintr0.c:
	Swapped order of interrupt enable/disable calls to keep kernel
	happy when assertions are enabled. Otherwise the enable call
	complains that interrupts have not been disabled.

	* src/sched/mlqueue.cxx:
	Simplified algorithm in set_need_reschedule().

	* include/smp.hxx: 
	* include/kapidata.h: Change spinlock to be a cyg_uint32, rather
	than a cyg_atomic.

	* src/intr/intr.cxx: 
	* include/intr.hxx:
	Now arrange for DSRs to be called on the same CPU as the ISR. This
	is necessary if the DSR needs to access per-CPU hardware (such as
	interrupt controllers). This is achieved by keeping a separate DSR
	list/table for each CPU.

	* tests/smp.cxx: Some modifications to make this test work in a
	real SMP environment.

	* tests/timeslice.c: 
	* cdl/kernel.cdl: Added timeslice test.

2001-08-21  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* src/sync/mutex.cxx (lock): Bugfix: a ceiling priority mutex
	wasn't elevated until after it had acquired the mutex.  This meant
	it slept with a low priority, and so did not run when awakened by
	the release of the mutex.  The fix is to elevate the potential
	claimant before it sleeps in contention. 

	* tests/kmutex4.c: New testcase - very similar to kmutex3 but it
	loops a load more times using different mutex priority protocols.
	This checks that dynamically set protos do in fact behave
	differently from one another and as they are each intended to.

	* tests/kmutex3.c: Remove FIXME comments - we now test dynamic

	* cdl/kernel.cdl: Build the new test.

2001-08-20  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* include/kapidata.h: Reorganize most struct type definitions into
	macros to allow compatible layout with all G++ implementations that
	align non-POD types differently from included C structures.
	* include/kapi.h: Similarly for cyg_resolution_t.

2001-08-17  Nick Garnett  <>

	* src/sched/mlqueue.cxx (timeslice): Fix timeslice_count comparison.

2001-08-16  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* include/kapi.h (cyg_mutex_protocol): Tidy up names of mutex
	protocol type and values.  These polluted rather in 'C'.

	* src/common/kapi.cxx (cyg_mutex_set_protocol): ditto.

2001-08-15  Hugo Tyson  <>
2001-08-15  Andrew Lunn <>

	* src/common/kapi.c (cyg_thread_get_current_priority): Export
	this function into the C api.
	* include/kapi.h: Declaration of new function.

2001-08-14  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* src/common/kapi.cxx (cyg_spinlock_spin_intsave): Cast to istate
	to CYG_INTERRUPT_STATE * since that's what is needed.
	(cyg_spinlock_clear_intsave): Similarly.

2001-08-10  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* cdl/synch.cdl: Re-organize the options for mutexes so they are
	active a bit more sensibly; place the default ceiling within
	selection of ceiling protocol, and only have a default protocol if
	there is more than one protocol active.

	* tests/mutex3.cxx: More detailed handling of the possibility of
	ceiling protocol instead of the inherit or none cases; we can run
	the test ok and treat as inherit if the ceiling prio is higher
	than 5, treat as none if lower than 15, and don't check anything
	if in between - the test runs happily.

	* tests/kmutex3.c (cyg_start): New test, a KAPI translation of the
	now-classic mutex3.cxx.

	* cdl/kernel.cdl: Build tests/kmutex3.c

2001-08-06  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* src/sched/sched.cxx (unlock_inner): Fix assignment to current,
	wouldn't build if stack checking after merger from SMP branch.

2001-08-06  Andrew Lunn   <>
2001-08-06  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* src/sync/mutex.cxx: (set_protocol) Added a function to set the
	priority inversion protocol for a mutex.

	* src/common/kapi.cxx: Export the new function above and
	set_ceiling into the C API.
	* include/mutex.hxx (class Cyg_Mutex): New member function

	* include/kapi.h (cyg_protcol): Define new emumeration for mutex
	priority protocol setting, and headers for the new function to set

2001-08-03  Nick Garnett  <>

	Imported from a development branch:
	2001-07-11  Nick Garnett  <>

		* src/sched/mlqueue.cxx: Changed behaviour of
		set_need_reschedule() to a better implementation of the intended

		* include/kapi.h: 
		* src/common/kapi.cxx:
		Added API for controlling routing of interrupts to CPUs in SMP

	2001-07-03  Nick Garnett  <>

		* cdl/scheduler.cdl:
		* include/bitmap.hxx:
		* src/sched/bitmap.cxx:
		Fixed up bitmap scheduler so it still works within the
		SMP-modified scheduling infrastructure. The bitmap scheduler
		is not currently SMP-enabled, only single CPU configurations are
		supported - hence the CDL change to require this.

	2001-06-29  Nick Garnett  <>

		* src/sched/sched.cxx:
		Removed the call to Cyg_Interrupt::enable_interrupts() in
		Cyg_Scheduler::start_cpu(). This was a relic from the days when
		the interrupt enable state was not part of the thread state. Now
		it is, and loading the first thread will cause interrupts to be

		* src/intr/intr.cxx:
		Changed initial values of Cyg_Interrupt::disable_counter[]s to
		zero as a result of the change in Cyg_Scheduler::start_cpu().

		* include/kapi.h:
		* include/kapidata.h:
		* src/common/kapi.cxx: 
		Added API for using spinlocks. Largely so that it may be extended
		to the driver API.

		* include/mlqueue.hxx:
		* include/intr.hxx:
		* include/sched.hxx:
		Added annotations to various static variables.

	2001-06-28  Nick Garnett  <>

		* include/intr.hxx:
		* src/intr/intr.cxx:
		Changed behaviour of Cyg_Interrupt::disable_interrupts() and
		Cyg_Interrupt::enable_interrupts(). These now claim and release a
		spinlock in addition to disabling and enabling interrupts. The
		original interrupt state is also preserved and restored. This is
		necessary in SMP systems to allow drivers etc. to correctly
		synchronize with threads and DSRs that may be running on different
		CPUs. In the single CPU case this mechanism reduces to the
		original simple interrupt disable code.
		[Later change] Backed off addition of volatile modifier to

		* include/smp.hxx: Some minor tidies.

	2001-06-27  Nick Garnett  <>

		* tests/release.cxx: Added spin loop in thread1 to allow thread0
		to execute its wait. This is necessary in SMP systems where the
		threads will execute in parallel, but is also benign in single CPU

		* tests/mutex2.cxx:
		* tests/mutex3.cxx:
		* tests/sync3.cxx: 
		* tests/thread2.cxx: 
		These tests depend on predicting the behaviour of threads at
		different priorities to pass. In an SMP system, several threads
		will run in parallel, and the execution order will not be as
		expected. These tests are therefore disabled in SMP

		* src/sched/mlqueue.cxx (add_thread): Moved call to
		set_need_reschedule() out of test for empty queue. In SMP systems,
		any addition to a queue may require a reschedule on another CPU.

	2001-06-22  Nick Garnett  <>

		* include/mlqueue.hxx:
		* src/sched/mlqueue.cxx:
		A major change to the way in which this scheduler works in SMP
		systems. The previous version removed all runnable threads from
		the run queues when they were executing. This resulted in serious
		complications and messy code, particularly when dealing with
		priority changes and timeslicing. The new version keeps running
		threads in the run queues, just like the single-CPU version. The
		main disadvantage of this is that we may have to search past
		threads running on other CPUs before we find one available to run
		on this CPU. However, the pending count array and map mean that we
		only need search one run queue, and in any case the search remains
		bounded by the number of CPUs available.
		Another change is in the way that timeslicing is handled. Now, the
		CPU that takes the clock interrupt decrements the timeslice counts
		for all CPUs and if any go zero, sends a TIMESLICE message to
		that CPU.

		* src/sched/sched.cxx (unlock_inner):
		Removed call to requeue(), no longer needed as a result of
		scheduler reorganization.

		* src/common/thread.cxx:
		Added test in Cyg_Thread::exit() to check that the thread has not
		already been killed. This is only an issue if the thread is
		calling exit() when it is kill()ed from another CPU. The test is
		redundant in single-CPU systems, but it does no harm having it.
		Added code to Cyg_Thread::set_priority() to check for reschedule
		when another thread is being changed in priority.
		Added call in idle thread constructor to scheduler to install the
		idle thread as the default current thread for a CPU.

		* include/smp.hxx:
		Added CYG_KERNEL_CPU_TIMESLICE_INTERRUPT(), did some miscellaneous

		* include/instrmnt.h: Added SMP_RESCHED_SEND and SMP_RESCHED_RECV

		* cdl/kernel.cdl: Added smp test program.

		* tests/smp.cxx: Added this program to test SMP functionality.

	2001-06-13  Nick Garnett  <>

		* src/sched/sched.cxx:
		Removed code to set up initial current thread, this is now done
		in the idle thread constructor.
		Added code here to set up interrupts for SMP inter-processor
		interrupts. This is not very tidy and may need to be
		changed in the future.

		* src/sched/mlqueue.cxx:
		Added local set_need_reschedule() function to set the
		need_reschedule flag on a suitable CPU.
		Many more changes to cope with SMP systems.
		NOTE: This code has all become somthing of a mess, it need to be
		tidied up and the SMP-specific changes integrated better into the
		code. Also, timesliceing currently only works on the CPU that
		takes clock interrupts - this needs fixing.

		* src/common/thread.cxx:
		Moved assignment of initial current thread to here from sched.cxx.

		* include/smp.hxx:
		CYG_KERNEL_CPU_RESCHEDULE_INTERRUPT() since there may be other
		interrupt types to worry about.
		Added annotations to scheduler data items.

		* include/sched.hxx:
		Split set_current_thread() into two functions, the original works
		only on the current CPU, the new one sets another CPU's current
		thread. This latter function is only used to prime the current
		threads during initialization.
		Added second need_reschedule() function that takes a thread
		argument. This is intended to be overridden by a scheduler
		specific function that sets the need_reschedule flag if the
		supplied thread is more deserving of CPU time that any current

		* include/mlqueue.hxx:
		Made cyg_scheduler_set_need_reschedule() a friend of
		Cyg_Scheduler_Implementation class.
		Added override set_need_reschedule() functions.

		* include/kapidata.h: Added cpu field to cyg_thread structure when
		in SMP systems.

		* include/intr.hxx:
		* src/intr/intr.cxx:
		Added Cyg_Interrupt::set_cpu() and Cyg_Interrupt::get_cpu() for
		SMP systems.

		* include/instrmnt.h: Added events for INTR_GET_CPU and

	2001-05-29  Nick Garnett  <>

		The following changes were all imported from the SMP branch:

		* tests/tm_basic.cxx:
		Modified to work in SMP configuration - mostly at present by
		ifdeffing out code I didn't want to fix.

		* include/sched.hxx:
		Moved scheduler lock operation into Cyg_Scheduler_SchedLock class.
		Converted current_thread, need_reschedule, and thread_switches
		into CPU indexed arrays. Added member functions to get and set
		these indirectly.
		Added start_cpu() to do per-CPU scheduler startup.

		* include/sched.inl:
		Converted scheduler lock/unlock functions to use new schedlock

		* src/sched/sched.cxx:
		Changed in line with sched.hxx.
		Added call to requeue() in unlock_inner() to restore current
		thread to run queue if necessary.	
		Moved most of scheduler startup to Cyg_Scheduler::start_cpu().
		Cyg_Scheduler::start() now also starts secondary CPUs in SMP
		Added cyg_kernel_smp_startup() as entry point from HAL into kernel
		for secondary CPUs.

		* include/mlqueue.hxx:
		Added Cyg_RunQueue type and removed
		Cyg_SchedulerThreadQueue_Implementation type.
		Converted timeslice_count to CPU indexed array.
		Added requeue() member function to scheduler class.
		Added cpu member to thread implementation class, to record
		thread's current CPU.

		* src/sched/mlqueue.cxx:
		Changed behaviour when in SMP system to remove scheduled thread
		from run queue and replace it when preempted.
		Added some extra asserts, and removed some that are no longer true
		in an SMP system.

		* src/instrmnt/meminst.cxx: In SMP systems: added spinlock to
		protect instrument buffer, added CPU Id in top 4 bits of thread Id

		* src/common/thread.cxx:
		Converted to use accessor functions for need_reschedule and
		Rearranged idle thread creation to create one for each CPU.

		* include/test/stackmon.h: Extended to handle stack usage for
		multiple idle threads.

		* include/thread.inl:
		Added some extra instrumentation.

		* include/smp.hxx:
		Added this file to contain all kernel SMP support. The main
		definitions exported by this file are spin lock and scheduler lock
		implementation classes, for both SMP and uniprocessor

		* src/intr/intr.cxx: 
		* include/intr.hxx:
		Converted interrupt disable counter to CPU indexed array. In
		intr.cxx: added lock of scheduler lock in interrupt_end() rather
		than in default interrupt VSR.

		* cdl/kernel.cdl: Added option to enable SMP support.

		* include/instrmnt.h: 
		* cdl/instrument.cdl: Added SMP instrumentation.

	2001-05-25  Nick Garnett  <>

		* include/intr.hxx:
		* src/intr/intr.cxx: 
		Added default definition of CYGNUM_HAL_ISR_TABLE_SIZE. This is now
		used to declare the chain table so that architectures which have
		different sizes for the interrupt table and vector count will work

	2001-05-22  Nick Garnett  <>

		* include/sched.hxx (class Cyg_Scheduler_Base):
		Added annotation to sched_lock.

		* cdl/instrument.cdl:
		CYGDBG_KERNEL_INSTRUMENT_BUFFER_WRAP as it appears in the code.

2001-07-27  Jesper Skov  <>

	* src/intr/intr.cxx (chain_isr): Return isr_ret so caller (which
	may be an arbiter) can tell if the interrupt was handled.

2001-07-26  Gary Thomas  <>

	* src/common/clock.cxx (dsr): Fix problems mixing signed and
	unsigned values.  Normally only generated warnings, but...

2001-07-09  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* include/sched.inl (unlock_reschedule): Fix commenting.
	* src/sched/sched.cxx: Improve description of unlock_inner().

2001-06-21  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* src/common/thread.cxx (Cyg_Thread::Cyg_Thread): Initialize

2001-06-06  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* tests/clocktruth.cxx: New file.  A test to get a sanity check on
	whether the clock is accurate to wallclock time, only useful for
	humans to watch really.  But important!

2001-05-31  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* include/thread.hxx (class Cyg_HardwareThread): Remove unused
	load_context() method.
	* include/thread.inl: Ditto.

2001-05-29  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* src/sched/bitmap.cxx (rem_thread): No need to set need_reschedule...
	rescheduling will happen automatically when the state changes.

	* src/sched/mlqueue.cxx (add_thread): No need to explicitly clear

2001-04-26  Nick Garnett  <>

	* tests/intr0.cxx: 
	* tests/kintr0.c:
	Fixed these two tests so that they work properly on architectures
	where CYGNUM_HAL_ISR_MIN is not zero. These include the x86 and

2001-04-18  Bart Veer  <>

	* tests/dhrystone.c:
	Fix the conditional for STDIO_FORMATTED_IO

2001-04-17  Bart Veer  <>

	* tests/stress_threads.c (setup_death_alarm):
	Cope with synthetic target reorg

	* tests/except1.cxx, tests/kexcept1.c:
	Reenable for the synthetic target

	* tests/tm_basic.cxx:
	Reenable for the synthetic target

2001-04-17  Jesper Skov  <>

	* cdl/kernel.cdl: Do cache tests on E7T.

2001-04-05  Nick Garnett  <>

	* tests/flag1.cxx: Apply same changes here as were applied to
	kflag1 on 2000-07-17. This allows this test to run to completion
	in slow targets, especially simulators.

	* tests/stress_threads.c: Reduce run time even further in
	simulator runs where instrumentation is enabled.

2001-04-03  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/dhrystone.c: Fix feature check.

2001-03-28  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* cdl/kernel.cdl: Only need to compile dbg_gdb.cxx with

	* src/debug/dbg_gdb.cxx: Add new dbg_thread_id() function.

2001-02-23  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* include/thread.inl (attach_stack): Check for non-NULL stack base.

2001-02-11  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* tests/stress_threads.c: CYGINT_ISO_STDIO_FORMATTED_IO needs a
	#ifdef not an #if.
	* tests/dhrystone.c: Ditto.

2001-02-04  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* tests/kill.cxx: Increase delay for all targets, just in case some
	are slow.

2001-01-30  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* src/common/clock.cxx (rem_alarm): Must clear the enabled flag;
	this disappeared in the changes to using clists of 2001-01-09.
	Symptom was that an alarm, once disabled, could never be
	re-attached to its counter because it claimed it already was.
	Plus asserts with multiple disables - "bad counter object".

2001-01-30  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* src/common/thread.cxx (reinitialize): Following change of
	using the stack_base/stack_size variables directly to reinitialize
	the stack area.  This was wrong, and leaked store off the top and
	bottom of the stacks because the "buffer zone" was carved off
	repeatedly.  Fix is to use the published APIs which compensate.

2001-01-26  Nick Garnett  <>

	* include/mlqueue.hxx: 
	* src/sched/mlqueue.cxx:
	Restored Cyg_ThreadQueue_Implementation::remove() since it must
	clear the thread's queue pointer, which the base clist class
	remove() does not.

2001-01-24  Jesper Skov  <>

	* src/sched/mlqueue.cxx (highpri): Fix trace call.

2001-01-09  Nick Garnett  <>

	* include/mlqueue.hxx:
	* src/sched/mlqueue.cxx: 
	Converted to use clist.hxx list implementation. The main effect of
	this is to clean up the code and class definitions since much of
	what was part of the thread queue and thread classes now moves to
	the DNode and CList classes.

	* include/clock.hxx:
	* src/common/clock.cxx: 
	Converted to use clist.hxx list implementation. This removes all
	the explicit list manipulation code from the counter and alarm
	classes, resulting in cleaner, easier to understand code.

	* include/kapidata.h: Adjusted cyg_alarm struct to match Cyg_Alarm
	using Cyg_DNode.
2000-12-22  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* include/thread.inl (check_stack): check word alignment with CYG_WORD
	not cyg_uint32
	Add extra stack checking for when stack limits are used.
	(measure_stack_usage): New function to measure stack usage of the thread
	(attach_stack): check word alignment with CYG_WORD not cyg_uint32
	Initialize stack to preset value when measuring stack usage
	(increment_stack_limit): Conditionalize here wrt 
	CYGFUN_KERNEL_THREADS_STACK_CHECKING and use the version in thread.cxx

	* src/common/thread.cxx (exit): If verbose stack measurement enabled,
	output stack usage
	(increment_stack_limit): Add version of this method when
	padding above the stack limit as necessary.

	* include/thread.hxx (class Cyg_HardwareThread): Add
	measure_stack_usage() member

	Add to implement stack usage measurement.

	* include/kapi.h (cyg_thread_measure_stack_usage): New function
	* src/common/kapi.cxx (cyg_thread_measure_stack_usage): New function

2000-12-08  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	Requires threads list, rather than active_if them so that
	inference engine can do its thang.

2000-12-07  Jesper Skov  <>

	* src/debug/dbg-thread-demux.c: Add comment about the use of

2000-12-06  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* include/thread.inl (attach_stack): Additional assert check for
	unsigned wrap of the stack size in subtracting the signature
	areas' size.  Also round to whole words better.

2000-12-05  Hugo Tyson  <>

	option, to control new stack check features.  Enabled by default,
	anyway, plus checking *all* threads is possible, but default off,

	* include/thread.hxx (class Cyg_HardwareThread): Define
	check_stack() function.

	* include/thread.inl (attach_stack): Add initialization of a
	signature in the top and base of the stack, if so configured.
	(check_stack): New function to check that signature for
	correctness; minor re-ordering to permit more inlining.

	* src/sched/sched.cxx (unlock_inner): Check departing and incoming
	thread stacks.  This is placed here to get executed every
	clocktick and other interrupts that call DSRs, rather than messing
	with interrupt_end() or the idle thread.

2000-12-04  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* tests/kcache2.c (entry0): Make this more robust against a
	complete absence of useful caches.  Previous change was not
	careful enough.

2000-12-01  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* cdl/kernel.cdl: Build the kcache tests for SA11x0 family; they
	were being omitted by default as part of ARM family.  They work on
	SA1110, so this should be OK.  They're OK on EBSAs too.  See
	associated fix to cache macros in SA11x0 and EBSSA HALs.

	* tests/kcache2.c (entry0): Fix the test; the problem was it
	assumed that a write to a previously unseen location would end up
	in the cache.  It ain't so on StrongARMs.  Also make tests safe
	wrt interrupts possibly perturbing the cache, add explicit tests
	improve the tests for cache line invalidate and store.

2000-10-30  Jesper Skov  <>

	* cdl/synch.cdl: Replaced CYGINT_KERNEL_SCHEDULER_CAN_YIELD with
	* cdl/scheduler.cdl:

	* tests/thread2.cxx: Use new option.
	* tests/klock.c: Same.
	* src/common/thread.cxx: Same.
	* src/common/clock.cxx: Same.

	* include/bitmap.hxx: Leave unique priority setting to CDL.
	* include/mlqueue.hxx: Same.
	* include/sched.hxx: Let CDL do sanity check of config.

2000-10-27  Jesper Skov  <>

	* cdl/scheduler.cdl: Added CYGINT_KERNEL_SCHEDULER_CAN_YIELD

	* tests/klock.c: Avoid use of disabled features. Require scheduler
	that can yield.

2000-10-20  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* tests/bin_sem0.cxx:
	* tests/bin_sem1.cxx:
	* tests/bin_sem2.cxx:
	* tests/clock0.cxx:
	* tests/clock1.cxx:
	* tests/clockcnv.cxx:
	* tests/cnt_sem0.cxx:
	* tests/cnt_sem1.cxx:
	* tests/except1.cxx:
	* tests/flag0.cxx:
	* tests/flag1.cxx:
	* tests/intr0.cxx:
	* tests/kill.cxx:
	* tests/mbox1.cxx:
	* tests/mqueue1.cxx:
	* tests/mutex0.cxx:
	* tests/mutex1.cxx:
	* tests/mutex2.cxx:
	* tests/mutex3.cxx:
	* tests/philo.cxx:
	* tests/release.cxx:
	* tests/sched1.cxx:
	* tests/sync2.cxx:
	* tests/sync3.cxx:
	* tests/testaux.hxx:
	* tests/thread0.cxx:
	* tests/thread1.cxx:
	* tests/thread2.cxx:
	* tests/tm_basic.cxx:
	Make sure default priority constructors have been invoked.

	* include/intr.hxx (class Cyg_Interrupt): Make dsr_count volatile
	to prevent a potential race condition with overzealous C

2000-10-13  Nick Garnett  <>

	* src/sched/sched.cxx (unlock_inner): Added condition to test for
	DSRs to only call DSRs when the scheduler lock is making a 0->1
	transition. Otherwise there is the danger of calling DSRs when the
	scheduler lock is > 1. This violates our original assumptions
	about how the scheduler lock worked with respect to DSR. 

	* src/intr/intr.cxx (call_pending_DSRs): Added assert to check
	that DSRs are only called when the scheduler lock is exactly 1.

2000-10-13  Jesper Skov  <>

	* include/intr.hxx: Fixing syntax mistake; volatile keyword must
	appear after the type for it to affect the pointer variable.
	* src/intr/intr.cxx: Same. Remove volatile from local block.

2000-10-05  Jesper Skov  <>

	* src/intr/intr.cxx: Made dsr_table_tail volatile as well.
	* include/intr.hxx: Ditto.

2000-10-05  Nick Garnett  <>

	* src/sched/sched.cxx: 
	* include/sched.hxx: Converted asr_inhibit from a bool to a
	counter. This is necessary to permit nesting of ASR inhibiting

2000-10-04  Jesper Skov  <>

	* include/intr.hxx: Made dsr_list volatile.
	* src/intr/intr.cxx: Same. Also fix compiler warning.

2000-09-25  Nick Garnett  <>

	* src/sched/mlqueue.cxx:
	Added test for current thread not runnable in
	Cyg_Scheduler_Implementation::timeslice().  This is possible if a
	prior DSR has caused the current thread to be descheduled. Added
	an assert to Cyg_ThreadQueue_Implementation::rotate() for
	additional paranoia. (This problem was originally identified and
	fixed (differently) by Andrew Lunn <>.)

2000-09-13  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/kexcept1.c (cause_exception): Use separate cause_fpe function.
	* tests/except1.cxx (cause_exception): Same.

	* tests/kexcept1.c (cause_exception): Do not use division at all.
	* tests/except1.cxx (cause_exception): Same.

	* tests/kexcept1.c (cause_exception): Do not cause div-by-zero.
	* tests/except1.cxx (cause_exception): Same.

2000-09-11  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	Bring this option back from the dead

2000-09-08  Nick Garnett  <>

	* include/sched.hxx:
	* include/sched.inl:
	Added Cyg_Scheduler::unlock_reschedule() function. This decrements
	the scheduler lock by one but also permits the current thread to
	be rescheduled if it ready to sleep, or there is a higher priority
	thread ready to run. This is to support use of various
	synchronization objects while the scheduler lock is claimed.

	* src/sched/sched.cxx (unlock_inner): Modified precondition to
	allow for functionality of unlock_reschedule().

	* src/sched/mlqueue.cxx:
	Now uses Cyg_SchedulerThreadQueue_Implementation for all runqueue
	pointers. It was using Cyg_ThreadQueue_Implementation in some
	places which meant we were trying to sort the run queues!
	Changed yield() so it can be called with the scheduler lock
	Changed Cyg_Scheduler_Implementation::timeslice() to rotate the
	queue itself rather than call yield(). The changes to yield() make
	it unsafe to call here any more.

	* include/mlqueue.hxx (class Cyg_SchedulerThreadQueue_Implementation): 
	Made enqueue() member public.
	* include/mboxt2.inl:
	* src/common/thread.cxx: 
	* src/sync/mutex.cxx: 
	* src/sync/cnt_sem2.cxx: 
	Removed assertions for zero scheduler lock and replaced some
	invocations of Cyg_Scheduler::unlock() with
	Cyg_Scheduler::unlock_reschedule() or Cyg_Scheduler::reschedule()
	where appropriate.

	* tests/klock.c:
	* cdl/kernel.cdl:
	Added klock.c to test functionality while scheduler lock is claimed.

2000-08-17  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* src/sched/sched.cxx (unlock_inner): Move an assert to some place
	where it's true *all* the time!  There was a narrow margin where a
	DSR could confuse unlock_inner() by reanimating the current thread
	before it had a chance to sleep - hence the call appears to be
	pointless.  Putting the assert before the DSR calls makes sense.

	* include/mboxt.inl:
	* src/sync/bin_sem.cxx:
	* src/sync/cnt_sem.cxx:
	* src/sync/flag.cxx:
	* src/sync/mutex.cxx:
	All of these now use Cyg_Scheduler::reschedule() rather than an
	unlock/lock pair to yield in their functions which can sleep.
	They therefore can be called safely and atomically with the
	scheduler already locked.  This is a Good Thing[tm].  Since the
	network stack synch primitives now use this feature, the asserts
	that the scheduler was not locked must disappear: this change.

2000-08-07  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* include/mutex.hxx (class Cyg_Mutex): Add comment explaining
	presence of locked.

2000-08-04  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* tests/stress_threads.c (STACK_SIZE_HANDLER): Increase stack sizes
	otherwise it crashes!

2000-07-31  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* include/mempolt2.hxx: As per change of 2000-07-04, also delete - left
	behind accidentally

2000-07-20  Nick Garnett  <>

	* include/mutex.hxx (class Cyg_Mutex): Added get_ceiling()
	accessor function.

	* src/sched/mlqueue.cxx: Fixed bug in sorted queue code that
	resulted in an infinite loop if the thread being inserted is of
	lower priority than all threads in the queue. This case is now
	detected early.

2000-07-17  Gary Thomas  <>

	* tests/kflag1.c (FIRST_THREAD_WAIT_TIME): Parameterize thread 
	synchronization wait times (for understanding) and adjust for
	incredibly slow platforms.  [Previous value allowed for the test
	to get out of sync because the code ran so slowly]

2000-07-04  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* cdl/kernel.cdl: Remove all configury related to memory allocators,
	including tests. Make CYGFUN_KERNEL_API_C require CYGFUN_MEMALLOC_KAPI

	* include/memfixed.hxx, include/mempolt2.inl, include/mempoolt.hxx,
	  include/mempoolt.inl, include/memvar.hxx, include/mfiximpl.hxx,
	  include/mfiximpl.inl, include/mvarimpl.hxx, include/mvarimpl.inl, 
	  src/mem/memfixed.cxx, src/mem/memvar.cxx, tests/kmemfix1.c,
	  tests/kmemvar1.c, tests/memfix1.cxx, tests/memfix2.cxx,
	  tests/memvar1.cxx, tests/memvar2.cxx:
	Move to separate memory allocator package CYGPKG_MEMALLOC
	* include/kapi.h, include/kapidata.h, src/common/kapi.cxx:
	Remove memory allocator functionality - now implemented in

	* tests/dhrystone.c:
	Update configuration dependencies for new isoinfra design
	* tests/stress_threads.c:
	Also fix early termination after DEATH_TIME_LIMIT so that 
	allocated resources are freed, and so more appropriate
	statistics are reported
	Also update to use mallinfo() interface to memory allocator

2000-06-23  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* include/kapi.h (cyg_scheduler_read_lock): New function, to
	return the value of the scheduler lock; this for implementing SPLX
	in the network stack.

	* src/common/kapi.cxx (cyg_scheduler_read_lock): New function.

2000-06-20  Nick Garnett  <>

	* src/sched/mlqueue.cxx (Cyg_ThreadQueue_Implementation::enqueue):
	Rewrote code to insert threads into priority sorted queue. The
	original code could not cope with a queue all of whose members
	were lower priority than the new thread - it looped for ever. Also
	provided fast paths for common and easily detected cases such as
	adding to a single element queue and adding at the front. By
	taking these cases out early, we can also simplify the code to
	search the queue.

2000-06-16  Gary Thomas  <>

	* cdl/kernel.cdl: Remove exception tests for CMA230 - not supported
	by hardware.

2000-06-16  Jesper Skov  <>

	* src/intr/intr.cxx (chain_isr): Only call default_isr if no isrs
	in the chain reacted to the interrupt.

2000-06-15  Nick Garnett  <>

	* include/mutex.hxx (class Cyg_Condition_Variable): Added an
	inline function, get_queue(), to return a pointer to the
	underlying thread queue. To be used mainly for comparing with a
	thread's current queue to decide whether it is waiting for a
	condition variable.

	* include/kapi.h:
	* src/common/kapi.cxx: 
	Changed return type of cyg_semaphore_wait() to match existing
	behaviour of Cyg_Counting_Semaphore::wait().
	Changed return type of cyg_cond_wait() to match new behaviour of

2000-06-09  Nick Garnett  <>

	* include/mutex.hxx:
	* src/sync/mutex.cxx:
	Modified non-timeout condition variable wait() API to return
	cyg_bool. A true result indicates that the wait() terminated
	normally. A false result indicates that the wait() was terminated
	as a result of a release() or destroy operation. For most uses
	this distinction is irrelevant, but in some situations it is a
	useful bit of information to have.
	Also modified timeout condition variable wait to reacquire the
	mutex under all circumstances. This is the correct and consistent
	thing to do.

2000-06-08  Jesper Skov  <>

	* src/debug/dbg-thread-demux.c: Use generic HAL feature to allow
	ROM/RAM intercalling.

2000-06-06  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/kcache1.c (entry0): Skip invalidate tests on TX49. Too slow.

2000-05-30  Gary Thomas  <>

	* tests/dhrystone.c: Increase number of test loops for faster
	StrongARM platforms.

2000-05-22  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* cdl/scheduler.cdl (CYGIMP_KERNEL_SCHED_SORTED_QUEUES): Disable by

	* src/sched/mlqueue.cxx (enqueue): Add to end of thread queue even
	when not priority ordered

2000-05-20  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* include/mqueue.hxx, include/mqueue.inl:
	Add POSIX-style message queue implementation
	* cdl/kernel.cdl: Add mqueue1 test
	* cdl/scheduler.cdl: Add new CYGIMP_KERNEL_SCHED_SORTED_QUEUES option

	* include/sema.hxx: Need thread.inl header, not just thread.hxx
	Make Cyg_Counting_Semaphore::peek() const since it is

	* src/sync/cnt_sem.cxx, src/sync/cnt_sem2.cxx, include/sema2.hxx:
	Make Cyg_Counting_Semaphore{2}::peek() const since it is

	* include/thread.hxx: don't want Cyg_Thread_queue::empty() to be marked
	inline in the class def, otherwise we get warnings elsewhere

	* include/mlqueue.hxx (Cyg_ThreadQueue_Implementation):
	Add set_thread_queue private method
	Add derived class Cyg_SchedulerThreadQueue_Implementation, and
	make scheduler implementation use it instead of
	* src/mlqueue.cxx: Fix typo
	Support  CYGIMP_KERNEL_SCHED_SORTED_QUEUES, i.e. allow insertion
	into thread queue in order of thread priority, with oldest at the
	(Cyg_ThreadQueue_Implementation::set_thread_queue): Add
	(Cyg_SchedulerThreadQueue_Implementation::enqueue): Add, like old
	one, except make it FIFO instead of LIFO by inserting at end of queue

2000-05-16  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/dhrystone.c: More loops on the TX49

2000-05-15  Jonathan Larmour  <>


2000-05-04  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* include/instrmnt.h: Remove all CYG_UNUSED_PARAMs as they could
	cause problems when used with volatile arguments
	* src/intr/intr.cxx: Use CYG_UNUSED_PARAM to silence warning that
	appears because of the above change.

2000-05-02  Gary Thomas  <>

	* tests/kintr0.c:
	* tests/intr0.cxx: Correct test for cases when VSR_MIN or
	ISR_MIN are not zero (bad assumption).

2000-05-02  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* cdl/thread.cdl (CYGNUM_KERNEL_THREADS_DATA_LIBC): Don't need libc
	slot. Replace with CYGNUM_KERNEL_THREADS_DATA_ERRNO slot instead.	

2000-04-28  Nick Garnett  <>

	* src/sched/sched.cxx (unlock_inner):
	A significant change to the behaviour of this function.  The
	new_lock argument contains the value that the scheduler lock
	should have after this function has completed. If it is zero then
	the lock is being released and some extra work (running ASRs,
	checking for DSRs) is done before returning. If it is non-zero
	then it must equal the current value of the lock, and is used to
	indicate that we want to reacquire the scheduler lock before
	returning. This latter option only makes any sense if the current
	thread is no longer runnable, otherwise this function will do

	The result of this is that where we used to "blip" the scheduler
	lock to force a sleep, we now call reschedule(), which calls
	unlock_inner() with the current sched_lock value. The important
	difference is that there is not now the brief window between the
	calls where the lock is unclaimed. It also prevents ASRs being run
	at inopportune moments. In future this will also allow us to force
	threads to sleep even when they are deeply nested in the scheduler

	* include/mutex.hxx:
	Added Cyg_Mutex::get_owner() to return pointer to owning thread.
	* include/sched.hxx:
	* include/sched.inl:	
	Added new_lock argument to unlock_inner(), added reschedule().
	Made set_asr_inhibit() and clear_asr_inhibit() available even when
	ASRs are disabled.

	* include/mboxt.inl:
	* src/sync/bin_sem.cxx: 
	* src/sync/cnt_sem.cxx:
	* src/sync/flag.cxx: 
	* src/sync/mutex.cxx: 
	Converted instances of "blipping" the scheduler lock into calls to
	Cyg_Scheduler::reschedule(), which is better behaved. Some calls
	to set_asr_inhibit() and clear_asr_inhibit() also added in various

2000-04-26  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/kcache1.c: Also to flush testing with unified caches.

2000-04-26  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/clockcnv.cxx: 
	* tests/dhrystone.c: 
	Renamed 850 HAL package.
2000-04-25  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/kcache1.c: Fixed cache check to also look for unified

2000-04-19  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/clockcnv.cxx:
	* tests/dhrystone.c:
	Only a few laps around the block on the v850...

2000-04-13  Nick Garnett  <>

	* include/clock.hxx:
	* src/common/clock.cxx:
	Added Cyg_Alarm::get_times() member function to allow reading of
	trigger and interval values from an alarm.

2000-04-12  Nick Garnett  <>

	* include/sched.hxx:
	* src/sched/sched.cxx:
	Added ASR support.

	* include/thread.hxx:
	Made Cyg_ThreadQueue::empty() an inline in class definition.

	* src/common/thread.cxx:
	Added CYG_REPORT_FUNCTION() to Cyg_Thread::exit().

	* include/kapidata.h:
	Brought thread structures up to date with kernel objects.

	* cdl/thread.cdl: 
	* cdl/scheduler.cdl:
	Added ASR configuration, minor tidies.

2000-04-12  Gary Thomas  <>

	* src/common/kapi.cxx (cyg_scheduler_safe_lock): 
	* include/kapi.h: Add 'cyg_scheduler_safe_lock()' function.

2000-04-12  Jesper Skov  <>

	* cdl/interrupts.cdl: 
	* cdl/scheduler.cdl: 
	* cdl/counters.cdl: 
	Don't let interfaces define anything.
2000-04-07  Nick Garnett  <>

	* include/sched.hxx:
	* include/thread.inl: 
	* src/sync/mutex.cxx: 
	* src/sched/sched.cxx: 
	* src/common/thread.cxx: 
	General reorganization of priority inversion protocol support,
	addition of priority ceiling protocol.

	* include/mlqueue.hxx:
	* src/sched/mlqueue.cxx: 
	Added timeslicing enable support.

	* cdl/thread.cdl: 
	* cdl/synch.cdl:
	Reorganized priority inversion protocol configuration to permit
	different protocols and dynamic choice.  Added configuration for
	condition variables to use a user-specified mutex.

	* cdl/scheduler.cdl:
	Added dynamic timeslicing enable option.

	* include/kapidata.h:
	Adjusted to match changes in other header files.

	* tests/mutex3.cxx: 
	* tests/sync3.cxx: 
	Modified these tests to match new priority inversion protocols
	configuration options.
2000-03-28  John Dallaway  <>

	* cdl/counters.cdl,

	Adjust documentation URLs.

2000-03-27  Gary Thomas  <>

	* tests/except1.cxx: 
	* tests/kexcept1.c: Avoid trying to generate data access errors
	on platforms that don't support them.

	* tests/kcache1.c: Ignore test if no [data] caches defined.

	* tests/stress_threads.c: Infer minimal configuration for platforms
	with small amount of memory (as opposed to platform special cases).

2000-03-27  Jesper Skov  <>

	* src/sync/mutex.cxx: 
	* src/sched/sched.cxx: 
	* src/common/thread.cxx: 
	* src/common/clock.cxx:
	Use cyg_bool instead of bool for check_this().

	* tests/dhrystone.c: Requires CYGPKG_LIBC_MALLOC

2000-03-07  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/mutex3.cxx: Minor tweak from Hugo to allow reduced runtime
	on sims.

2000-02-29  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* src/debug/dbg-thread-demux.c:
	Also fix a comment typo

2000-02-29  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/kcache1.c: Don't run last part of test on MIPS sim - it's
	very slow.

2000-02-25  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/dhrystone.c: 
	* tests/tm_basic.cxx: 
	Don't allow use of devices for diag output when running performace

2000-02-17  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h: Make
	since it has children now

2000-02-17  Jesper Skov  <>
	CR101202, CR902078
	* include/mvarimpl.inl: Avoid unlinking the list from the head
	during coalescing.

2000-02-11  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/dhrystone.c (PASSES): Reduced for MPC8xx targets.

2000-02-10  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/except1.cxx (except0_main): 
	* tests/kexcept1.c (except0_main):
	Also reclaim DATA_TLB_MISS vector if available.

2000-02-03  Jesper Skov  <>

	* src/sched/lottery.cxx (schedule): CYG_HAL_POWERPC_x->CYGPKG_...

2000-02-01  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* tests/tm_basic.cxx (NTEST_THREADS): Reduce further to fit on small
	(NMBOXES): Likewise
	(NCOUNTERS): Likewise

	* src/common/clock.cxx: Rework last change - change types of
	clock_dsr_read and delta to unsigned instead

2000-01-31  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* src/common/clock.cxx (isr): Use HAL_CLOCK_LATENCY, not HAL_CLOCK_READ
	(dsr): Likewise
	Copy configury for this option here from include/pkgconf/kernel.h - it
	was left behind by accident

2000-01-31 Simon FitzMaurice  <>
  * cdl/*.cdl:

  Adjust help URLs in line with new doc layout.
2000-01-31  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/tm_basic.cxx: Use CYG_TEST_NA insetad of PASS when not

2000-01-28 Simon FitzMaurice  <>
  * cdl/*.cdl:

  Adjust help URLs in line with new doc layout.
2000-01-26  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* include/clock.hxx (class Cyg_Clock): Add members to convert to
	and from this clock resolution and others.

	* include/clock.inl (convert): New Cyg_Clock member.

	* src/common/clock.cxx (construct_converter): New routine to
	factorize a rational (or very near neighbour) to help with clock
	tick conversions for a particular clock.
	(get_clock_to_other_converter): Cyg_Clock member functions to
	construct converters to or from this clock, using above routine.

	* tests/clockcnv.cxx: New file: test the clock converters.

	* tests/PKGconf.mak (TESTS): Add clockcnv to the tests.

	* cdl/kernel.cdl: Add clockcnv to the tests.

2000-01-20  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* cdl/synch.cdl
	Change this to an active_if on simple prio-inh.  Was broken.

2000-01-19  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* cdl/*.cdl: Add descriptions to a number of options &c which were
	lacking same, also tidied up other typos as noticed en passant.
	Also reorganized calculated opts about per-thread-data in
	thread.cdl; these are really for info only.

2000-01-19  Jesper Skov  <>
	CR 902054
	* tests/stress_threads.c: Don't assert requested priority =
	allocated. Allow some flexibility of handler priorities.

2000-01-13  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* tests/mutex3.cxx (control_thread): Add a CYG_TEST_INIT();

2000-01-11  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* cdl/kernel.cdl: Add new kernel test mutex3, put in to test
	RELAY prio inheritance extension.

	* tests/mutex3.cxx: New test case.  It tests mutex prio
	inheritance - or not - in a multiple thread manner, depending only
	on delays and the clock, so it tests that scheduling does the
	right thing, rather than simply checking reported priorities.

	* tests/PKGconf.mak: Add new kernel test mutex3, put in to test
	RELAY prio inheritance extension.

2000-01-11  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* cdl/synch.cdl: New config option added,

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h: New config option added,
	It is a child of ..._PRIORITY_INHERITANCE_SIMPLE and is really
	only there to turn off if you really want the old implementation.

	* src/sync/mutex.cxx (unlock): Add call to
	Cyg_SchedThread::relay_priority() when relinquishing the mutex, in
	order to relay any raised priority to the new owner.  Also count
	the mutex we are waiting for as well as those held for correct
	recovery in the case of inheriting priority then being killed, for

	* include/sched.hxx (class Cyg_SchedThread::relay_priority): New
	member function declared.

	* src/sched/sched.cxx (Cyg_SchedThread::relay_priority): New
	member function to implement pass-it-on or "discovered ceiling"
	priority inheritance extension to the simple algorithm.  Also use
	get_current_priority() in Cyg_SchedThread::inherit_priority() to
	let this work.

2000-01-11  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* include/clock.hxx (class Cyg_Counter::counter): make the counter
	volatile, otherwise a busy-wait loop for the real time clock to
	change never completes.

1999-12-23  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* src/sched/sched.cxx (inherit_priority): Fix bug; inheriting a
	2nd time would overwrite the saved initial_priority, so
	disinheriting had no effect.

1999-12-13  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* tests/tm_basic.cxx (run_alarm_tests): Add new measurement of
	latency between alarm firing and thread resume

1999-12-13  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* cdl/kernel.cdl: Fix some minor mistakes in the lists of tests to
	build conditionally

1999-12-08  John Dallaway  <>

	* cdl/kernel.cdl:

	Conditionally build the tests 'stress_threads', 'kcache1' and

1999-11-30  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* src/common/kapi.cxx (cyg_scheduler_lock, cyg_scheduler_unlock):
	assert good range for sched lock, and be defensive anyway.  This
	is in response to a long time taken to track down a "unlocked too
	many times" bug.

1999-11-24  Gary Thomas  <>

	* tests/tm_basic.cxx: Size tests based on available resources,
	using MLT files.  Fall back if not available.

1999-11-22  Nick Garnett  <>

	* src/sched/bitmap.cxx (Cyg_Scheduler_Implementation::add_thread):
	Fixed typo in assertion, and moved it to a more useful place.

1999-11-03  John Dallaway  <>

	* cdl/kernel.cdl: Define all tests.

1999-10-29  Gary Thomas  <>

	* tests/PKGconf.mak: Enable cache tests for Cirrus Logic boards.

1999-10-27  John Dallaway  <>

	* cdl/kernel.cdl:

	Specify CYGPKG_KERNEL_TESTS in terms of testing
	source files.

1999-10-26  John Dallaway  <>

	* cdl/kernel.cdl:

	Define initial version of CYGPKG_KERNEL_TESTS for
	verification purposes.

1999-10-19  John Dallaway  <>

	* cdl/kernel.cdl:

	Define CDL options for package-specific CFLAGS.

1999-10-08  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/kcache1.c: Fix array size.

	* src/sched/bitmap.cxx (add_thread): 
	* src/sched/mlqueue.cxx (add_thread): 
	Check for valid thread priority.

1999-10-07  John Dallaway  <>

	* cdl/counters.cdl,

	Specify radio buttons using CDL interfaces.

1999-10-06  Bart Veer  <>

	* cdl/scheduler.cdl:
	Make the schedulers mutually exclusive via a cdl_interface

1999-10-05  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/kcache1.c: Reduced memory footprint.

1999-09-25  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/stress_threads.c: Added date header and flush() calls.

1999-09-16  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* tests/tm_basic.cxx (run_mutex_tests): Must unlock mutices before
	destroying, given the change below.

	* src/common/kapi.cxx (cyg_cond_destroy): Call the correct
	destructor.  As it happens, it didn't matter because all these
	destructors do is assert the queue is empty, and the queue is the
	2nd word in every case.
	(cyg_mutex_destroy): Call the destructor at all, so that
	assertions are made.

1999-09-13  Gary Thomas  <>

	* src/intr/intr.cxx (call_pending_DSRs_inner): Add assert to check
	for valid DSR (before trying to use it).

1999-09-13  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/stress_threads.c: Print out malloc system info.
	(print_statistics): Fix buglet.

1999-09-10  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/stress_threads.c: Print out more info. Reduce dump
	frequency as test runs.

1999-08-25  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h: Add missing close brace in

1999-08-24  Nick Garnett  <>

	* tests/kcache1.c (entry0): Depending on architecture, set
	cyg_test_is_simulator for last two tests. Otherwise they take far
	too long and time out.

1999-08-23  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* tests/intr0.cxx (vsr0): 
	* tests/kintr0.c (vsr0): 
	Add a comment to the effect that vsr0() is NOT a valid VSR on any
	known platform; VSRs must be writ in assembler.  Customer
	requested this, the examples are rather confusing otherwise.

1999-08-23  Nick Garnett  <>

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h:
	* src/common/clock.cxx:
	* tests/tm_basic.cxx:
	of DSR latency figures. Added code controlled by this option to
	clock and tm_basic. Also made interrupt latency measurement
	primarily dependent on CYGVAR_KERNEL_COUNTERS_CLOCK_LATENCY since
	whether HAL_CLOCK_LATENCY is defined is not sufficient.

1999-08-17  John Dallaway  <>

	* cdl/counters.cdl, cdl/interrupts.cdl, cdl/scheduler.cdl:

	Implement radio buttons using "FIXME radio" hack in
	description field for now.

1999-08-16  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* src/sload/sload.c: Rename AM32 to AM31

1999-08-12  Nick Garnett  <>

	* src/debug/dbg_gdb.cxx (dbg_make_threadref): Extended test for
	uninitialized thread pointer.

1999-07-29  Jesper Skov  <>

	* src/sync/mutex.cxx (lock): Removed assertion again. Not possible
	to determine if a violation wil cause a deadlock.

1999-07-27  Jesper Skov  <>

	* src/sync/mutex.cxx (lock): Added simple assertion check for

	* tests/stress_threads.c: Only allow printf from main thread to
	prevent deadlocks.

1999-07-14  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* tests/kcache1.c (entry0): Also perform timing tests with
	loop if provided by the HAL.  Invalidating the Data cache can
	spoil clock operation, so elapsed time appears to be 0.

	* tests/kcache2.c (entry0): Replace the "if (0)" for having a
	copy-back cache with a proper test on a HAL macro.  Even though I
	couldn't actually get those parts of the test to work on the
	platform I'm currently working on.

	* tests/PKGconf.mak (TESTS): Do build kcache1 and kcache2 for the
	ARM_EBSA285; it seems kosher.  kcache2 does absolutely nothing, of
1999-07-09  Jesper Skov  <>
        PR 20210, 20142
	* tests/stress_threads.c: Shifted thread priorities to make room
	for main() at priority 0.

	Fixed indentation.
1999-07-08  Jesper Skov  <>
        PR 20244
	* tests/stress_threads.c: Changed cyg_user_start() to main()
	ensuring a bigger stack (it calls sprintf).
	Increased STACK_SIZE by 2kB for printf calls.

1999-06-30  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/dhrystone.c: Also NA-quit if CYGPKG_INFRA_DEBUG or

1999-06-23  Jesper Skov  <>
        PR 20209
	* tests/dhrystone.c: Use fewer loops on ARM targets - they don't
	have a cache.

1999-06-22  Nick Garnett  <>

	* src/intr/intr.cxx (Cyg_Interrupt::chain_isr): Was testing the wrong
	macro for the default ISR. Fixed.

	* src/common/clock.cxx (Cyg_RealTimeClock::isr): Add HANDLED bit
	to returned value.

1999-06-21  Jesper Skov  <>
        PR 20209
	* tests/dhrystone.c: Don't run test on sims or synthetic target.
	Only run test when compiled with optimization.

1999-06-18  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/dhrystone.c: Added unsupported header.

1999-06-10  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* src/debug/dbg_gdb.cxx (dbg_threadinfo): Report counted sleep
	correctly; both COUNTSLEEP and SLEEPING are set.

1999-06-01  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* src/debug/dbg_gdb.cxx (dbg_threadinfo): Make the thread state
	string a little more sensible when read as plain english.

1999-05-31  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/dhrystone.c: 
	* tests/PKGconf.mak (TESTS): 
	Added dhrystone test.

	Updated to 2.1 from
1999-05-27  Nick Garnett  <>

	* src/intr/intr.cxx (Cyg_Interrupt::chain_isr): Calls
	HAL_DEFAULT_ISR if it is defined and no chained ISRs have
	reported that they have handled the interrupt.

	* src/debug/dbg_gdb.cxx (dbg_make_threadref): Fixed this routine
	so that it copes with a NULL thread object.

1999-05-27  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/stress_threads.c: Output stackmon status
	occasionally. Output (simple) run time.

1999-05-27  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/kcache1.c: Added handling of unified caches.

1999-05-26  Jesper Skov  <>

	* include/test/stackmon.h: Fixed some typos and thinkos.

	* tests/tm_basic.cxx: Include new stackmon header.

	* src/common/kapi.cxx: 
	* include/kapi.h: 
	Added kapi support for stackmon requirements.
	* include/stackmon.hxx:    [deleted]
	* include/test/stackmon.h: [added]
	Made stackmon safe to use from both C and C++.

1999-05-25  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/stress_threads.c (setup_death_alarm): Only compile when
	DEATH_TIME_LIMIT is defined.

1999-05-25  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* tests/except1.cxx: 
	* tests/intr0.cxx (intr0_main): 
	* tests/kexcept1.c: 
	* tests/kintr0.c (kintr0_main): 
	Change all mentions of CYG_HAL_TX39[_JMR3904] to
	* tests/kcache1.c: Use HAL_DCACHE_SYNC if possible

1999-05-20  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* tests/tm_basic.cxx (run_all_tests): Added some more stack stats
	output using stackmon.hxx; also fixed a BUG associated with the
	definition of stacks in testaux.hxx (within tests dir) that was
	making the main stack usage bogus.

	* include/stackmon.hxx: new file, to ease printing stuff about
	stack usage, particularly of interrupt stacks and the idle
	thread.  It's not HAL specific, and it can apply to tests outside
	of the kernel, which is why it's in a public include-place.
	It just contains inline functions which define empty if there's no
	handle on the symbols available, so should be safe enough.

1999-05-18  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/stress_threads.c (main_program): Changed behavior of
	cyg_thread_delete caller.

1999-05-18  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* include/kapi.h (cyg_thread_delete): is now a boolean function to
	indicate success.  Failure is when the thread needs to run in
	order to become killed.

	* src/common/kapi.cxx (cyg_thread_delete): Try killing the thread
	if necessary before deleting; only run the destructor if it was
	killed, and tell the caller so.
	(cyg_thread_kill): Back to the simpler version with no priority
	diddling; it's up to the called to determine that it _has_ died.

	* src/common/thread.cxx (kill): Only perform the state-changes
	implied by kill if the thread has not already been killed;
	otherwise two kill()'s will remove a thread unconditionally,
	whether it's in the middle of a wait that needs tidying up or not.
	In other words, ensure idempotency.
1999-05-17  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* src/common/kapi.cxx (cyg_thread_kill): Up the priority of the
	killee to make it terminate *now* if we have priorities and they
	are not unique, otherwise asserts are likely with the bitmap
	scheduler.  Likewise in thread delete.  Condition out the bodies
	of the priority ops if the scheduler does not support priorities.

1999-05-16  Gary Thomas  <>

	* src/intr/intr.cxx (call_pending_DSRs): 
	* include/intr.hxx: Change mechanism for defining HAL function
	to run DSRs.  This was a "weak" symbol with override, but is now
	a macro in <cyg/hal/hal_intr.h>.

1999-05-13  Nick Garnett  <>

	The following changes were all made in a branch and are now being
    1999-05-06  Nick Garnett  <>

	* src/debug/dbg-thread-demux.c:
	Use dbg-thread-syscall.h from HAL rather than local version.
	Made dbg_thread_syscall_rmt_1() generic to all MIPS targets.

	* src/debug/dbg-thread-syscall.h:
	Removed. Replaced by identical file in hal/common.
    1999-04-21  Nick Garnett  <>

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h:
	Changed CYGNUM_KERNEL_COUNTERS_RTC_PERIOD to the correct value for

	* include/instrmnt.h: Added CYG_INSTRUMENT_EVENT_THREAD_ENTER

	* src/instrmnt/meminst.cxx (cyg_instrument): Added implementation

	* src/common/thread.cxx: Added extra instrumentation point on
	thread entry.

1999-05-10  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/stress_threads.c (main_program): Added workaround for a
	few PRs.

1999-05-07  Jesper Skov  <>

	* src/common/kapi.cxx (cyg_scheduler_unlock, cyg_scheduler_lock):
	Make these simple calls to the scheduler.

1999-05-07  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/stress_threads.c (setup_death_alarm): Reduce run time on
	synthetic target.

1999-05-06  Jesper Skov  <>
	* tests/stress_threads.c: Reversed priorities of agents.

1999-05-06  Jesper Skov  <>
        PRs 20040, (20027), 19991
	* tests/stress_threads.c: Added main_thread handling resource
	deallocation and printing.

1999-04-27  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* tests/stress_threads.c: 
	If there aren't enough priorities, output an N/A, rather than
	stopping compilation with a #error

1999-04-28  Jesper Skov  <>
        PR 19850
	* tests/stress_threads.c: Don't print text from alarm handler.

1999-04-28  Jesper Skov  <>
        PR 19945 workaround
	* tests/kexcept1.c: 
	* tests/except1.cxx:
	Made NA to PowerPC SIM.

1999-04-27  Gary Thomas  <>

	* tests/tm_basic.cxx: 
	Use/test 'cyg_thread_delete()' function.
	Add ability to compute statistics with first datum removed which
	can show up cache effects.
	Show thread stack usage.

	Fix merge screwup :-(

1999-04-26  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* include/kapi.h: Add missing function cyg_thread_delete();
	otherwise there is no way in the C API to re-use thread memory
	safely.  It just calls the destructor of the Cyg_Thread class.

	* src/common/kapi.cxx (cyg_thread_delete): Implement it.

1999-04-26  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* tests/stress_threads.c: Commit a better version for Mark since I
	happen to have it here; having addressed the main concern of my
	approval process.  It runs better in sims so long as the
	constructor execution isn't messed with, nor timeslicing nor
	priority inheritance.

1999-04-23  Mark Galassi  <>

	* tests/stress_threads.c (setup_death_alarm): shortened the
	simulator time by another factor of 10, hoping that it will not
	slow down nightly testing for simulator platforms too much.
	(perform_stressful_tasks): added writing of a bit pattern to the
	malloc()-ed spaces.  Also reduced stack requirements for threads.

1999-04-23  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* src/common/timer.cxx (Cyg_Timer::activate): we must also disable
	the alarm when resetting it so as to remove it from its queue, so
	that the enable afterwards places it on the right queue instead of
	assuming that, being enabled, it's already there.  (if not
	enabling, the behaviour is unchanged and correct) This was
	detected by uITRON tests[cx]4, with some random perms including
	The PR is 19475.
1999-04-21  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* tests/bin_sem1.cxx (bin_sem1_main): Doh!  Use priorities 4 and 5
	for the two threads so that they are unique (with a bitmap
	scheduler, the threads had prios 0 and 1 resp, which causes an
	assert in the attempt to set thread 0's prio to 1, "prios not
	unique").  PR 19904.

1999-04-20  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* tests/kcache2.c: 
	Reduce iterations for time_ilock(), time_dlock(), and test_dzero()
	if a simulated environment is detected
	Fix for PR 19853

1999-04-19  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* tests/kill.cxx: Make delay ticks greater than 1 to prevent
	scheduling problems if the clock rolls over immediately
	Fix for PR 19516

1999-04-20  Mark Galassi  <>

	* tests/stress_threads.c: applied Hugo's patch to fix stack sizes.
1999-04-19  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* tests/bin_sem1.cxx (bin_sem1_main): Add priorities to the
	threads so that they run sequentially like the tester expected.
	Otherwise simple timing, and shorter timeslicing, causes failure
	to be reported; likewise if the kernel happens not to run entry0
        (another checkin)
	(bin_sem1_main): Add conditional use of set_priority on
	CYGIMP_THREAD_PRIORITY as it should be.

1999-04-14  Jesper Skov  <>

	* src/debug/dbg_gdb.cxx: Fixed compiler warnings, cleaned up stub
	requirements (removed FIX ME).

1999-04-14  Gary Thomas  <>

	* include/intr.hxx: 
	* src/intr/intr.cxx (call_pending_DSRs_inner): Rework calling of
	DSRs to allow calls from HAL code.  This will allow for proper
	use of a separate interrupt stack.

1999-04-14  Mark Galassi  <>

	* tests/PKGconf.mak: added an ifndef for the AEB-1 board so that
	stress_threads is only built conditionally.

	* tests/stress_threads.c: added more config smarts suggested by
	Jesper for his configurations.

1999-04-13  Jesper Skov  <>
        PR 19822
	* src/debug/dbg_gdb.cxx: Current thread's registers live in
	registers, not _registers.

1999-04-13  Mark Galassi  <>

	* tests/stress_threads.c: simple stressing of thread
	creation/deletion with some memory-intensive and alarm-based
	tasks.  This version is set so that it dies after DEATH_TIME_LIMIT
	seconds, currently set to 120.  #undef-ing DEATH_TIME_LIMIT makes
	the test run forever.  This is currently not working with the
	bitmap scheduler, probably for some simple reason, but I have not
	yet broken it down to see why.

1999-04-12  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* tests/except1.cxx: 
	* tests/kexcept1.cxx: 
	Remove now unnecessary tx39-specific setting of
	Part of cleanup for PR 19731

1999-04-09  Hugo Tyson  <>

	Generally: thread->to_queue_head() moves a thread to the head of
	whatever queue it is on, if relevant.  This is so that a thread
	can change priority and then put itself at the front of its new
	run queue instead of the end; otherwise it yields too, which may
	be undesirable.  Particularly for internal use of priorities in
	the uITRON compatibility layer.

	* include/thread.hxx (class Cyg_Thread): to_queue_head(): new
	function. Define Cyg_Thread::rotate_queue() for all schedulers.
	Public inheritance of Cyg_ThreadQueue_Implementation.

	* include/thread.inl (class Cyg_Thread): to_queue_head(): new
	function. Define Cyg_Thread::rotate_queue() for all schedulers.

	* include/mlqueue.hxx (class Cyg_SchedThread_Implementation):
	to_queue_head(), ...ThreadQueue...::to_head(): new functions.

	* src/sched/mlqueue.cxx (class Cyg_SchedThread_Implementation):
	to_queue_head(), ...ThreadQueue...::to_head(): new functions.

	* include/bitmap.hxx (class Cyg_SchedThread_Implementation): 
	Add empty placeholders for rotate_queue() and to_queue_head() to
	maintain commonality of interface.

1999-04-08  Jesper Skov  <>
        PR 19667
	* kernel/current/src/common/thread.cxx:
	Removed obsolete Cyg_Thread constructor.

	* kernel/current/tests/testaux.hxx:
	* kernel/current/tests/thread0.cxx:
	* kernel/current/tests/thread1.cxx:
	Changed to use the new Cyg_Thread constructor.

1999-04-08  Jesper Skov  <>

	* src/common/kapi.cxx: Minor indentation fixes.

1999-04-07  Jesper Skov  <>
        PR 19743
	* include/mfiximpl.inl (Cyg_Mempool_Fixed_Implementation): Moved
	argument assertions before the first use of the arguments.

1999-04-07  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* tests/kexcept1.c (except0_main): 
	* tests/except1.cxx (except0_main): 
	Use macro HAL_VSR_SET_TO_ECOS_HANDLER() if defined, to reset
	likely exception handler VSRs to eCos' default handlers - the
	target side equivalent to CYG_TEST_GDBCMD("handle SIGBUS nostop");
	The VSR may not be the eCos standard one in some implementations
	of cooperation with CygMon.

1999-03-31  Nick Garnett  <>

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h (CYGNUM_KERNEL_COUNTERS_RTC_PERIOD):
	Fixed value of this option for TX39 66MHz to correct number.

1999-03-25  Gary Thomas  <>

	* tests/tm_basic.cxx: More adjustments to get clock latency correct.
	Some fine tuning of messages and layout to fit well within 80 columns.

1999-03-24  Nick Garnett  <>

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h: Fixed an ifdef error.

1999-03-24  Gary Thomas  <>

	* tests/tm_basic.cxx (NTEST_THREADS): Reduce # threads so test can
	build on smaller machines.  Also, only adjust timings by single
	"overhead" value instead of the more generous 2*overhead.

	* src/common/clock.cxx: Clock latency measurement defaults to 'off'.

1999-03-23  Nick Garnett  <>

	* tests/kcache2.c: Reduced number of loops in time_ilock(). On the
	MN10300 and TX39 this caused the test to timeout in the testing

1999-03-23  Gary Thomas  <>

	* tests/tm_basic.cxx: 
	* src/common/clock.cxx: Add 'measure_clock_latency' boolean which
	is used to turn clock latency measurements on/off.

1999-03-23  Nick Garnett  <>

	* tests/tm_basic.cxx (run_all_tests): Changed initial delay from
	100 ticks to 2. This is adequate for the purpose of letting the
	clock get going, while 100 ticks was too long on simulators.

1999-03-23  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* tests/kcache1.c:
	* tests/kcache2.c:
	* tests/kclock1.c:
	* tests/kexcept1.c:
	* tests/kflag1.c:
	* tests/kmbox1.c:
	* tests/kmemfix1.c:
	* tests/kmemvar1.c:
	* tests/kmutex1.c:
	* tests/ksched1.c:
	* tests/ksem1.c:
	* tests/kthread0.c:
	* tests/thread0.cxx:
	Use CYGNUM_HAL_STACK_SIZE_TYPICAL instead of "4096" and include
	hal_arch.h where necessary to get it.

1999-03-22  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* include/thread.inl (attach_stack): 
	Fix typo in assert; missing comma.

1999-03-22  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* src/debug/dbg-thread-syscall.h: Update copyright

1999-03-22  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* include/thread.inl:
	* src/common/thread.cxx:
	* tests/kthread1.c:
	* tests/testaux.hxx:
	* tests/thread1.cxx:
	* tests/thread_gdb.c:
	* tests/tm_basic.cxx:
	Use CYGNUM_HAL_STACK_SIZE_TYPICAL for the stack size instead of
	Except for stack checking and the idle thread stack which uses 

1999-03-19  Nick Garnett  <>

	* tests/kcache1.c:
	* tests/kcache2.c:
	Made all CYG_INTERRUPT_STATE variables register variables. The
	value of this variable has to survive cache invalidation and does
	not in some testing permutations that are unoptimized.
	Fixes PR 19165.

	* include/kapi.h: Type of cyg_tick_count_t changed to cyg_uint64.
	Response to PR 19320.

1999-03-19  Gary Thomas  <>

	* tests/tm_basic.cxx: Much better analysis of clock interrupt times.
	Print average deviation instead of variance.  Also print "confidence"
	numbers which are a measure of "how likely" a particular number would
	be relative to the mean and min of the sample set.

1999-03-17  Gary Thomas  <>

	* tests/tm_basic.cxx: Improve messages and layout.
	Better message for 'hardware clock tick' value.

	* src/common/clock.cxx: Be more careful about clock latency delta
	values that are used/kept - some hardware can yield incorrect values.

	* tests/testaux.hxx: Use HAL recommended stack size for default.

1999-03-16  Nick Garnett  <>

	* src/common/thread.cxx:
	Removed MIPS specific definition of idle_thread_stack[]. This is
	so it gets the benefit of the redefinition of
	been made static, since the MIPS compiler would otherwise put it
	in the .data section.

	* include/intr.hxx (class Cyg_Interrupt):
	Changed implementation of Cyg_Interrupt::interrupts_enabled() to
	test the value of disable_counter, rather than the hardware.

1999-03-15  Nick Garnett  <>

	* tests/kcache1.c:
	* tests/kcache2.c: 
	Added interrupt disables around cache operations. If these take
	too long, an inopportune interrupt can disrupt the cache contents,
	or result in the interrupt seeing an inconsistent world.

1999-03-15  Gary Thomas  <>

	* tests/tm_basic.cxx: Improved and cleaned up messages overall.

1999-03-15  Jesper Skov  <>
        PR 19504
	* tests/tm_basic.cxx: Kill created threads after mutex, mbox and
	semaphore tests.

1999-03-12  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* src/debug/dbg-thread-demux.c: 
	Only try handling the SPARClite-SLEB vector correctly if
	CYG_HAL_USE_ROM_MONITOR_CYGMON ie. we are talking with CygMon.
	Otherwise the code is wrong, but also not used.  No matter.
1999-03-12  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* tests/kthread1.c: 
	* tests/thread1.cxx: 
	* tests/thread_gdb.c: 
	Deal with CYGNUM_HAL_MINIMUM_STACK_SIZE requirement.

1999-03-12  Gary Thomas  <>

	* include/thread.inl (attach_stack): Add check/assert for minimum
	stack size (HAL defined)

1999-03-11  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* src/debug/dbg-thread-demux.c (patch_dbg_syscalls): 
	Use the correct vector table slot for SPARClite-SLEB; it's not 15
	on here, it's BSP_VEC_MT_DEBUG from the hal's hal_cygm.h

1999-03-11  Nick Garnett  <>

	* tests/testaux.hxx:
	Move definition of inline placement operator new outside of ifdef
	for NTHREADS so that it can be used by other code.

	* tests/intr0.cxx:
	* tests/thread1.cxx:
	Make use of placement operator new rather than dynamic one in
	intr0. Removed duplicate definition from thread1.

1999-03-11  Jesper Skov  <>
        PR 19472
	* tests/kill.cxx: Increased delays for the synthetic target.

1999-03-11  Jesper Skov  <>
        PR 19468
	* tests/intr0.cxx (intr0_main): 
	* tests/kintr0.c (kintr0_main): 
	Only attach interrupt handlers to vectors not in use.
1999-03-10  Jesper Skov  <>
        PR 19368
	* src/sched/sched.cxx (start): Change the dependency for
	referencing the RTC to make its inclusion independent of scheduler

1999-03-10  Jesper Skov  <>
        PR 17357
	* src/intr/intr.cxx (attach): Assert that interrupt vector attach
	will succeed.

1999-03-10  Nick Garnett  <>

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h:
	Changed names used to control clock frequency on TX39 target.

1999-03-08  Gary Thomas  <>

	* src/sync/mutex.cxx: Allow 'Cyg_Condition_Variable::wait()'
	to be entered with the scheduler locked (and thsu exit in
	the same state).  This will allow for fully thread-safe use
	of 'Cyg_Condition_Variable::wait()'.

1999-02-26  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* tests/except1.cxx (except0_main): 
	* tests/kexcept1.c (except0_main): 
	Move CYG_TEST_GDBCMD back to being before CYG_TEST_INIT

1999-02-26  Jesper Skov  <>
        PR 19283

	* src/common/kapi.cxx: Changed cyg_exception_call_handler
	definition to be consistent with declaration.

	* include/kapi.h: Change cyg_code_t to signed type.

	* tests/except1.cxx (except0_main): 
	* tests/kexcept1.c (except0_main): 
	Init diag before making first output.

1999-02-26  Jesper Skov  <>
        PR 19284
	* tests/mutex2.cxx (mutex2_main): Set priorities in a different

1999-02-25  Nick Garnett  <>

	* include/sched.hxx (class Cyg_Scheduler_Base):
	Added CYGBLD_ATTRIB_ASM_ALIAS(cyg_scheduler_sched_lock) to
	declaration of sched_lock member. This makes it have the given
	name in the object and assembler files. This in turn eliminates
	the need to have a C++ mangled name in the HAL.

	* src/intr/intr.cxx:
	Cyg_Interrupt::detach() was not translating the vector to a table
	index correctly in the chained case. Fixed.

1999-02-24  Nick Garnett  <>

	* include/intr.hxx: 
	* src/intr/intr.cxx:
	Added an interrupt disable counter to
	Cyg_Interrupt::disable_interrupts() and

1999-02-23  Nick Garnett  <>

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h:
	Added support for 66MHz part.

	* include/instrmnt.h:
	CYG_INSTRUMENT_EVENT_MUTEX_RELEASED. This should have been part of
	the 1999-02-22 checkin.

1999-02-23  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* tests/clock0.cxx, tests/clock1.cxx, tests/except1.cxx,
	  tests/kcache1.c, tests/kcache2.c, tests/kclock0.c, tests/kclock1.c,
	  tests/kexcept1.c, tests/kflag0.c, tests/kflag1.c, tests/kill.cxx,
	  tests/kintr0.c, tests/kmbox1.c, tests/kmemfix1.c, tests/kmemvar1.c,
	  tests/kmutex0.c, tests/kmutex1.c, tests/ksched1.c, tests/ksem0.c,
	  tests/ksem1.c, tests/kthread0.c, tests/kthread1.c, tests/thread1.cxx:
	Use CYG_TEST_NA() rather than CYG_TEST_PASS_FINISH() for tests that
	are not applicable for this configuration

1999-02-22  Nick Garnett  <>

	* include/kapi.h: 
	* include/mutex.hxx: 
	* src/sync/mutex.cxx: 
	* src/common/kapi.cxx: 
	* tests/mutex2.cxx:
	* tests/PKGconf.mak: 
	Added Kernel API support for thread release, which allows a thread
	to be broken out of any wait. Also added support for releasing all
	threads waiting to lock a mutex, both at C++ and Kernel API
	levels. Added a test program, mutex2, to test this fuctionality
1999-02-20  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* include/except.hxx: 
	* include/kapidata.h
	with HAL changes
	Rename deliver_exception() -> cyg_hal_deliver_exception()
	QA improvements

	* src/common/clock.cxx:
	HAL changes

	* src/common/except.cxx:
	with HAL changes
	Rename deliver_exception() -> cyg_hal_deliver_exception()
	Add more tracing, and fix some existing
	QA improvements

	* src/intr/intr.cxx:
	Rename CYG_ISR_* -> CYGNUM_HAL_ISR_* in line with HAL changes
	Add more tracing, and fix some existing
	QA improvements

	* src/sched/bitmap.cxx:
	* src/sched/mlqueue.cxx:
	* src/sync/mutex.cxx:
	Add more tracing and fix some existing
	QA improvements

	* tests/except1.cxx:
	* tests/kexcept1.c
	with HAL changes
	QA improvements
	Use new CYG_TEST_GDBCMD to tell GDB not to stop
	Remove special simulator case as it should now work

	* tests/intr0.cxx:
	* tests/kintr0.c:
	Rename CYG_ISR/VSR_* -> CYGNUM_HAL_ISR/VSR_* in line
	with HAL changes
	QA improvements		

1999-02-16  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* tests/kexcept1.c (except0_main): Tell GDB to not stop on
	SIGBUS or SIGSEGV since we know we're going to cause an exception

1999-02-12  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* src/common/thread.cxx (idle_thread_stack): 

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h (CYGNUM_KERNEL_THREADS_IDLE_STACK_SIZE):
	Document that this option can be overridden by HALs demands.

1999-02-11  Jesper Skov  <>

	* src/debug/dbg-thread-syscall.h: 
	* src/debug/dbg-thread-demux.c: 
	Added handling of dbg_scheduler_func calls.

1999-02-11  Nick Garnett  <>

	* include/kapi.h: 
	* src/common/kapi.cxx: 
	Added API support for per-thread data.

	* include/kapi.h: 
	* src/common/kapi.cxx:
	* tests/ksem1.c: 
	* tests/tm_basic.cxx: 
	Changed arguments to Kernel C API semaphore functions to take
	cyg_count32 rather than cyg_ucount32. This makes them consistent
	with the underlying implementation and allows for negative counts
	in the future. Changed some tests to match.
	Fixes PR 17877.

1999-02-08  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/kexcept1.c (entry0): 
	* tests/except1.cxx (entry0): 
	Don't call cause_exception on SIMs.

1999-02-05  Jesper Skov  <>

	* src/common/clock.cxx (isr): Ignore a latency of 0 when finding

1999-02-04  Jesper Skov  <>
        PR 19075
	* include/instrmnt.h: Slightly overdid the use of CYG_UNUSED_PARAM

1999-02-04  Jesper Skov  <>

	* src/intr/intr.cxx:
	Make instrumentation macros always use the parameters to avoid
	compiler warnings.

1999-02-03  Jesper Skov  <>
        PR 18075
	* tests/memfix1.cxx:
	* tests/kmemfix1.c:
	Make timing less sensitive.
1999-02-02  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/bin_sem2.cxx: Fixed compiler warning.

1999-02-02  Jesper Skov  <>
        PR 18971
	* tests/bin_sem2.cxx (bin_sem2_main): Reduce run time in SIM.

1999-02-01  Nick Garnett  <>

	* tests/kcache2.c: Added calls to HAL_DCACHE_SYNC() before all
	relevant calls to HAL_DCACHE_DISABLE(). This should have been done
	on 1999-01-25 where is was only done to one instance.

1999-02-01  Gary Thomas  <>

	* tests/tm_basic.cxx: Adjust stack sizes for platforms with
	limited memory.

1999-01-28  Nick Garnett  <>

	* src/intr/intr.cxx: When using chained interrupts,
	interrupt_end() is passed NULL as the intr argument. If
	instrumentation is also enabled, the CYG_INSTRUMENT_INTR() calls
	will try to indirect through zero. Added ifdefs to avoid
	this. Also test intr for NULL before trying to post the DSR.
	Fixes PR 18771.

1999-01-28  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/tm_basic.cxx: Fixed strings.

1999-01-26  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* tests/kcache1.c (time0): Waste much less time if running in a
	simulator.  Do only 40 loops instead of 4000.
	In consequence the nasty meddling with MAX_STRIDE depending on
	HAL_xxx_SIM package definitions can go.

1999-01-26  Jesper Skov  <>
        PR 18902
	* src/debug/dbg-thread-demux.c: Oops. Undid my change of 1999-01-21.

1999-01-25  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* src/common/except.cxx: Make global exception initialisation object
	be constructed at INTERRUPT priority

1999-01-25  Jesper Skov  <>
        PR 18002
	* tests/thread_gdb.c: Ensure that there are enough priorities.

1999-01-25  Jesper Skov  <>
        PR 18875
	* tests/tm_basic.cxx: Ensure that there are enough priorities.

1999-01-25  Nick Garnett  <>

	* tests/kcache2.c (test_dstore): Added call to HAL_DCACHE_SYNC()
	before disabling cache. On some architectures disabling the cache
	would cause the following call to do nothing.
	Fixes PR 18849.

1999-01-22  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/tm_basic.cxx: Don't run on Linux target.

1999-01-21  Hugo Tyson  <>
	These changes are to get tests working with the SPARClite port; it
	doesn't do 8-byte register access unless it's properly aligned.
	* tests/philo.cxx (cyg_start): 
	Use tests/testaux.hxx to get new threads, to get the alignment
	required; see below.

	* tests/thread2.cxx (thread2_main):
	Use tests/testaux.hxx to get new threads, to get the alignment
	required; see below.

	* tests/tm_basic.cxx: 
	Larger stack for greedy processor.

	* tests/testaux.hxx: 
	thread_obj[][] and stack[][] are now 8-byte aligned like certain
	processors require; Cyg_Thread contains cyg_tick_count which is
	64-bit so any "standalone" C++ object would be so aligned.  These
	dynamically allocated ones should be too.

1999-01-21  Jesper Skov  <>
        PR 18747
	* tests/flag1.cxx: Increase delays/timeouts to prevent failure
	when configured with full trace logging.

1999-01-21  Jesper Skov  <>

	* src/debug/dbg-thread-demux.c: Removed PR 17327 workarounds.

1999-01-19  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* src/sched/sched.cxx (start): 
	cyg_type.h change

1999-01-19  Jesper Skov  <>
        PR 18824
	* src/sync/mutex.cxx: 
	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h: Let

1999-01-18  Nick Garnett  <>

	* src/debug/dbg-thread-demux.c (patch_dbg_syscalls): Added test
	for CYGDBG_KERNEL_DEBUG_GDB_THREAD_SUPPORT in patch_dbg_syscalls().

1999-01-15  Gary Thomas  <>

	* include/mvarimpl.inl (free): Memory list sort was incorrect.

	* tests/PKGconf.mak (TESTS): Don't build cache tests on
	some platforms.

1999-01-15  Jesper Skov  <>
        PR 18768
	* tests/kmbox1.c:
	* tests/mbox1.cxx:
	Increase delays used so the overhead of GDB packets doesn't make
	the tests fail.

1999-01-14  Jesper Skov  <>

	* src/sched/sched.cxx (start): Use new CYG_REFERENCE_SYMBOL macro.

1999-01-14  Nick Garnett  <>

	* src/debug/dbg_gdb.cxx: Extended return types to include success,
	fail and caller-do-it as required by msnyder.

	* src/debug/dbg-thread-demux.c: Moved prototype of dbg_scheduler()
	to dbg-threads-api.h.

1999-01-13  Jesper Skov  <>

	* src/sched/sched.cxx (start): Better implementation of the
	real_time_clock reference.

1999-01-13  Jesper Skov  <>

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h: Disable CYGSEM_KERNEL_SCHED_TIMESLICE

1999-01-07  Jesper Skov  <>

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h: Added RTC values for i386/Linux.

1999-01-12  Nick Garnett  <>

	* src/debug/dbg-thread-demux.c:
	Changed API of patch_dbg_syscalls() to take a pointer to the start
	of the vector and insert several vectors.

	* src/debug/dbg_gdb.cxx:
	Added dbg_scheduler() function to allow debuggers to lock and
	unlock the scheduler. This helps when stepping multithreaded code.

	* include/sched.hxx:
	* include/sched.inl:
	Added Cyg_Scheduler::unlock_simple() to decrement the lock without

1999-01-05  Jesper Skov  <>
        PR 18574

	* src/sched/sched.cxx (start): Reference the real time clock to
	ensure it is included when linking.

1999-01-04  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/thread1.cxx:
	* tests/mbox1.cxx:
	* tests/kmbox1.c:
	* tests/kill.cxx:
	* tests/kflag1.c:
	* tests/kclock1.c:
	* tests/flag1.cxx:
	* src/common/thread.cxx:
	so don't check for the latter explicitly.

1999-01-04  Jesper Skov  <>
	PR 18573

	* tests/thread1.cxx:
	* tests/mbox1.cxx:
	* tests/kmbox1.c:
	* tests/kflag1.c:
	* tests/flag1.cxx:
        Don't run tests that rely on delay() when delay() is only defined
	as an empty function.

1998-12-24  Bart Veer  <>

	* src/sync/mutex.cxx: 
	* src/sync/mbox.cxx: 
	* src/sync/flag.cxx: 
	* src/sched/sched.cxx: 
	* src/mem/memvar.cxx: 
	* src/mem/memfixed.cxx: 
	* src/common/thread.cxx: 
	* src/common/clock.cxx:
	* include/mempoolt.inl: 
	* include/mempolt2.inl: 
	* include/mboxt2.inl: 
	* include/mboxt.inl:
	check_this() member functions should now be const

1998-12-22  Nick Garnett  <>

	* include/instrmnt.h: Fixed casts for arguments to
	cyg_instrument() to work in C. Fixes PR 18413.

1998-12-21  Gary Thomas  <>

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h: Change AEB-1 clock scale.

1998-12-17  Gary Thomas  <>

	* tests/tm_basic.cxx: Calculate system clock resolution

1998-12-16  Gary Thomas  <>

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h (CYGNUM_KERNEL_COUNTERS_RTC_PERIOD): 
	Add support for new ARM AEB-1.

1998-12-16  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* tests/intr0.cxx (intr0_main): 
	* tests/kintr0.c (kintr0_main): 
	Conditionally use a different interrupt vector number on tx39 when
	in the simulator (according to cyg_test_is_simulator) so that
	these tests execute correctly in simulators.
1998-12-16  Jesper Skov  <>
        PR 18546

	* tests/kill.cxx (cyg_start): Do NOP test if required kernel
	functionality is disabled.

1998-12-15  Jesper Skov  <>

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h: Changed

1998-12-14  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/tm_basic.cxx: Made use of cyg_mbox_get() conditional on

1998-12-14  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/tm_basic.cxx: Added requirement for kernel RTC.

1998-12-11  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/kcache2.c: Added tests of three more macros.

1998-12-10  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/kcache2.c: Added tests of three more macros.

1998-12-10  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/PKGconf.mak: 
	* tests/kcache2.c: 
	Added new cache test.

1998-12-04  Nick Garnett  <>

	* include/intr.hxx:
	* src/intr/intr.cxx (cyg_interrupt_post_dsr): Added this function
	to allow functions in the HAL, which are always only in C, to call
	Cyg_Interrupt::post_dsr(). Have also returned post_dsr() to
	private parts of Cyg_Interrupt.

1998-12-04  Jesper Skov  <>

	* include/intr.hxx (class Cyg_Interrupt): Made post_dsr public so
	it can be called from HAL interrupt arbiters.

1998-12-04  Jesper Skov  <>

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h (CYGNUM_KERNEL_COUNTERS_RTC_PERIOD):
	Set to the correct value for a 33.333MHz clock.

1998-12-02  Jesper Skov  <>

	* src/intr/intr.cxx (interrupt_end, chain_isr): Got rid of magic
	interrupt constants.

1998-11-30  Gary Thomas  <>

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h: Fix spelling of CYGVAR_KERNEL_COUNTERS_CLOCK

1998-11-25  Jesper Skov  <>

	* src/common/thread.cxx (check_this): Check that stack_ptr is
	within its limits.

Wed Nov 25 18:45:12 1998  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* include/sched.inl (unlock) (lock): 
	* src/common/thread.cxx (thread_entry): 
	* src/sched/sched.cxx (unlock_inner): 

	Ensure all accesses to sched_lock cannot be reordered by the

1998-11-24  Jesper Skov  <>

	* src/common/thread.cxx (thread_entry): Prevent scheduler lock
       	from being released too early.

1998-11-23  Nick Garnett  <>

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h: 
	* src/common/clock.cxx:
	Added CYGIMP_KERNEL_COUNTERS_SORT_LIST option to determine whether
	the alarm lists in counters are sorted or not.

	* tests/tm_basic.cxx: Added a test for many alarms firing

1998-11-23  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/kcache1.c: Only run with stride 1 on SIMs.

1998-11-19  Gary Thomas  <>

	* tests/tm_basic.cxx: Insure appropriate kernel configuration for
	building tool.  Needs at least kernel C API and multi-level scheduler.

1998-11-18  Gary Thomas  <>

	* tests/tm_basic.cxx: Add interrupt latency support.  Print 
	results to 10ns accuracy.

	* tests/PKGconf.mak: Add 'tm_basic' (the kernel timing test
	program) to list of built tests.

	* src/intr/intr.cxx: Change usage of HAL_INTERRUPT_MASK to have
	trailing ';' to match similar macros.

	* src/common/clock.cxx: 
	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h: Add CDL option 
	CYGVAR_KERNEL_COUNTERS_CLOCK_LATENCY used to define if interrupt
	latency measurements should be built into kernel.

1998-11-17  Jesper Skov  <>

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h: Renamed CYG_HAL_POWERPC_MP860 to

1998-10-28  David Moore  <>

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h
 	(CYGNUM_KERNEL_COUNTERS_RTC_RESOLUTION): Changed default value for
 	MIPS simulator to be 0.01 secs instead of 0.001 seconds.

1998-10-28  Jesper Skov  <>

	* tests/kcache1.c (HAL_DCACHE_PURGE_ALL): Fixed compiler problem
	on PowerPC.

1998-10-27  Nick Garnett  <>

	* tests/kcache1.c:
	Added calls to HAL_DCACHE_PURGE_ALL() before each test.  Added
	local version of HAL_DCACHE_PURGE_ALL() if this is not supplied by
	the HAL.

1998-10-27  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* src/common/thread.cxx (wake): 
	Remove the thread unconditionally from any queue it was on; for we
	have just become not-asleep, so it must be OK.  (Bug was: it
	didn't happen in transit WAIT-SUSPEND -> SUSPEND, so synch object
	still believed the task was waiting on it).  PR#17998

1998-10-26  Jesper Skov  <>
        PR 17527, PR 17837

	* tests/kcache1.c: 
	* tests/kclock0.c: 
	* tests/kclock1.c: 
	* tests/clock1.cxx: 
	* tests/clock0.cxx: 
	Do N/A PASS when kernel real-time clock is configured out.

1998-10-26  Jesper Skov  <>
        PR 17866

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h
	(CYGNUM_KERNEL_THREADS_IDLE_STACK_SIZE): Doubled to prevent stack
	overruns on PowerPC.

1998-10-26  Jesper Skov  <>
        PR 17987

	* src/debug/dbg_gdb.cxx (dbg_threadinfo): Removed "more: <none>"

1998-10-23  John Dallaway  <>

	* tests/tm_basic.cxx: Added basic timing test.

1998-10-23  Nick Garnett  <>

	* include/instrmnt.h:
	Improved documentation of cyg_instrument_enable() and

	* src/instrmnt/meminst.cxx:
	Added code to enable and disable whole groups of events.

1998-10-23  Jesper Skov  <>

	* include/generic-stub.h: Deleted. It was moved to hal common some
	time ago.

Fri Oct 23 04:45:12 1998  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* tests/kcache1.c: 
	Remove forced warning of a warning which no longer applies

1998-10-22  Nick Garnett  <>

	* src/common/clock.cxx:
	Stop searching the alarm list when the current alarm is in the
	future in Cyg_Counter::tick().  Changed sense of comparison in
	Cyg_Counter::add_alarm() to sort alarms in ascending order.

Thu Oct 22 18:21:50 1998  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h: 
	Fix commenting within CDL "comments"

Thu Oct 22 17:25:45 1998  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h: 
	option. For PR 17838

1998-10-21  Nick Garnett  <>

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h (CYGNUM_KERNEL_COUNTERS_RTC_PERIOD):
	Changed value for JMR3904 board to 15360 which is correct for a
	24.576MHz board rather than 25MHz as before.

	* src/common/thread.cxx:
	Exchanged stack_base and stack_size in idle thread constructor.

1998-10-20  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* tests/kflag1.c (kflag1_main): 
	Only mess with f2 if it exists, ie. CYGFUN_KERNEL_THREADS_TIMER.

1998-10-19  Mark Galassi  <>

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h: updated the doc URL

1998-10-19  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* include/kapi.h: 
	* include/kapidata.h (struct cyg_flag_t): 
	* src/common/kapi.cxx: 
	Add flags (Cyg_Flag, kernel.../flag.hxx) to the C API.

	* tests/PKGconf.mak (TESTS): 
	Add new tests for flags via the C API.

	* tests/kflag0.c: 
	* tests/kflag1.c: 
	New tests (well, versions of the plain C++ versions flag0.cxx and
	flag1.cxx) for flags via the kernel C API.
1998-10-19  Bart Veer  <>

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h:
	Fixed description of clock resolution.

1998-10-17  Bart Veer  <>

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h:
	Added a way of configuring the clock interrupt frequency.

Thu Oct 15 21:31:58 1998  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h:
	Allow kernel to be disabled now

	* src/common/delete.cxx, src/common/memcpy.c, src/common/memset.c:
	Move these files to the infra package

	* src/PKGconf.mak:
	Don't build the above files any more

	Above changes are required for PR 17229

1998-10-15  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* include/mempoolt.inl (Cyg_Mempoolt): 
	* include/mempolt2.inl (Cyg_Mempolt2): 
	Flesh out the destructors to awaken any waiting threads
	with reason Cyg_Thread::DESTRUCT to support uITRON
	create and delete of memory pool objects.
	Note that only template mempolt2 is actually used.
Wed Oct 14 21:45:54 1998  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* tests/thread_gdb.c: 
	Remove unnecessary inclusion of <cyg/kernel/diag.h>

	* tests/kcache1.c: 
	Add a warning to expect the "function declaration isn't a
	prototype" warning from infra/diag.h

1998-10-14  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* src/common/thread.cxx (kill,reinitialize): 
	Do not refer to member timer unless CYGFUN_KERNEL_THREADS_TIMER is
1998-10-14  Nick Garnett  <>

	* src/debug/dbg-thread-demux.c:
	Now get dbg-threads-api.h from HAL.

	* src/debug/dbg_gdb.cxx:
	Tidied up info sent back by dbg_threadinfo().

	* src/common/thread.cxx:
	Changed constructor of idle thread to include initial priority and
	a thread name.

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h:
	Moved GDB stub configuration code out to hal.h.

	* include/ktypes.h:
	Moved definition of CYG_LABEL_NAME() out to cyg_type.h.

	* src/debug/PKGconf.mak:
	* src/debug/dbg-threads-api.h:
	* src/debug/generic-stub.c:
	* src/debug/stubrom.c:
	* src/debug/thread-packets.c:
	* src/debug/thread-pkts.h:
	These files have all be relocated to hal/common.

1998-10-14  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* include/thread.hxx (class Cyg_Thread): 
	Add public members get_stack_base(), get_stack_size() and
	Add private members add_to_list() and remove_from_list() to
	centralize handling of the CYGVAR_KERNEL_THREADS_LIST as it is

	* include/thread.inl (class Cyg_Thread): 
	Add public members get_stack_base(), get_stack_size() and

	* src/common/thread.cxx: 
	Add private members add_to_list() and remove_from_list() to
	centralize handling of the CYGVAR_KERNEL_THREADS_LIST as it is
	Tidy up the two constructors to use them.
	Add CYG_REPORT_RETURN()/_RETVAL(...) logging throughout.
	Tidy up reinitialize() to use the 6-argument constructor,
	thus preserving the thread name.
	Fix some bugs in the CYGVAR_KERNEL_THREADS_LIST stuff where
	re-adding a thread caused loops in the list, and the like.
	Fix bug in set_priority() when the thread is asleep but NOT on any
	queue, such as a plain counted_sleep().

1998-10-14  Jesper Skov  <>

	* src/debug/thread-packets.c: 
	* src/debug/dbg_gdb.cxx: 
	Don't include hal_stub.h unless it's really, really, really
1998-10-14  Jesper Skov  <>

	* src/debug/dbg_gdb.cxx: Don't include hal_stub.h unless it's really

1998-10-13  Jesper Skov  <>

	* src/debug/generic-stub.c: Added thread support. Renaming a few
	functions/variables to match the most recent libstub
	Use thread_get_register & thread_put_register when handling GDB
	register packets.

	* src/debug/dbg_gdb.cxx (dbg_getthreadreg, dbg_getthreadreg):
	DTRT for current thread when CygMon is not configured.
	* src/debug/dbg_gdb.cxx (dbg_threadlist, dbg_getthreadreg,
	dbg_getthreadreg): return true/false rather than 0, 1, -1.
	* src/debug/dbg_gdb.cxx:
	* src/debug/dbg-threads-api.h: 
	Added dbg_currthread_id.

1998-10-08  Jesper Skov  <>

	* src/debug/generic-stub.c: 
	* src/debug/generic-stub.h: 
	Added control of interrupts.
	Removed unused functions set_debug_trap and initialize_stub.
Tue Oct 13 17:36:29 1998  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* src/test/tsttracc.c (cyg_start): 
	Replace CYG_REPORT_FUNCARGSVOID with the correct

1998-10-09  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* src/common/thread.cxx: 
	clear_timer() is a static which always affects the executing
	thread and none other.  Removed the "foo->" from various
	"foo->clear_timer()" calls to make this less confusing.
	Ditto set_timer().
	Changed a "clear_timer()" call to "timer.disable()" and added one
	so that they affect _this_ thread, the thread which is being
	kill()ed or reinitialize()d rather than the killer or the
	resuscitator.  Otherwise the alarm list can still get a loop in
	it when a thread's killed when waiting with a timeout and
	restarted soon enough.
1998-10-08  Hugo Tyson  <>

	In general, these changes are to support create/delete of uITRON
	objects; this requires that an object can be destroyed whilst
	there are threads waiting on it, and that they shall be awoken
	with a specific return code.

	* include/thread.hxx:
	Cyg_Thread::DESTRUCT added to wake reasons, to deal with an object
	being destroyed whilst a thread is waiting on it; it's handled in
	a manner very similar to release() and BREAK wake_reason.
	* src/common/thread.cxx: 
	thread_entry(): threads now exit() if the entry_point returns.
	Cyg_Thread() constructors now initialize wake_reason to NONE.
	reinitialize() clears any pending timeout before calling
	counted_sleep( [timeout] ) now both deal with the wake reason in
	general, and with DESTRUCT in particular.
	exit() now clears any pending timeout.
	kill() now force_resumes the thread first.
	kill() now does not explicitly remove the thread from any queue
	it's on; wake() does that for you anyway.
	delay() clears the timer just in case and handles DESTRUCT
	DESTRUCT added to various switches for completeness.

	The fixes to counted_sleep()[x2] and kill() are a bugfix for

	* include/flag.hxx:
	* src/sync/flag.cxx:
	Add an argument, defaulting to 0, to the constructor which sets
	the initial flag value.
	Add handing of DESTRUCT wake reason.
	Add a destructor which wakes all threads with DESTRUCT

	* include/mboxt2.inl:
	Add handing of DESTRUCT wake reason.
	Add a destructor which wakes all threads with DESTRUCT

	* src/sync/cnt_sem2.cxx:
	Add handing of DESTRUCT wake reason.
	Add a destructor which wakes all threads with DESTRUCT
	Correct typo in logic for queueing a waiting thread in
	Cyg_Counting_Semaphore2::wait( cyg_tick_count abs_timeout ).
	This is a bugfix for PR#17687.

	* include/mboxt.inl:
	* include/mempoolt.inl:
	* include/mempolt2.inl:
	* src/sync/bin_sem.cxx:
	* src/sync/cnt_sem.cxx:
	* src/sync/mutex.cxx:
	All these gain handling of the DESTRUCT wake_reason, that's all.
1998-10-08  Gary Thomas  <>

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h: 
	Add support for new architecture

1998-10-07  Nick Garnett  <>

	* tests/kcache1.c (entry0):

	* src/debug/dbg-thread-demux.c:
	Added dbg_thread_syscall_rmt_1() to save/set and restore the $gp
	register values when being called from Cygmon.

Sun Sep 27 20:12:15 1998  David Moore  <>

	* include/mlqueue.hxx: 
	* include/bitmap.hxx: 
	Disallow more than 32 priority levels
	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h:
	Changed range of allowed levels from 64 to 32

1998-09-27  Nick Garnett  <>

	* tests/memfix2.cxx:
	Changed message to say "Fixed memory pool 2 OK" rather than
	"Variable memory pool 2 OK".

1998-09-26  Bart Veer  <>

	* include/intr.hxx (DSRs_pending):
	PR 17500: if DSR support is disabled completely then this inline
	function should not be defined at all.

1998-09-26  Nick Garnett  <>

	* tests/kcache1.c:
	Added this test program for cache API. Includes some performance

1998-09-25  Nick Garnett  <>

	* src/debug/dbg_gdb.cxx:
	Removed some debugging code.

	* tests/thread_gdb.c:
	Added this test program to allow for GDB thread support testing.

1998-09-25  Bart Veer  <>

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h:
	The GDB thread support requires the kernel to keep track of all
	threads on a linked list. This is a separate option. An additional
	requires statement enforces the dependency.
1998-09-25  Nick Garnett  <>

	* src/debug/dbg-thread-demux.c:
	Added include of <pkgconf/kernel.h>, removed debug code.

1998-09-24  Bart Veer  <>

	* src/debug/dbg-thread-demux.c (dbg_thread_syscall_rmt):
	PR 17327. If kernel gdb thread support is disabled, do not compile
	in the relevant cases in the rmt switch statement. This is a
	partial solution to the general problem of how the HAL, kernel,
	cygmon, and gdb interact.

1998-09-24  Nick Garnett  <>

	* src/common/clock.cxx (Cyg_RealTimeClock):
	Changed clock priority from zero to one, since it is now used to
	set the hardware interrupt priority.

	* src/intr/intr.cxx:
	Cyg_Interrupt::chain_isr() now only calls interrupt objects that
	have the matching vector number.
	Call HAL_INTERRUPT_SET_LEVEL() when attaching interrupts using the
	priority passed in the constructor.
	Added call to HAL_TRANSLATE_VECTOR() for attaching chained

	* include/instrmnt.h (CYG_INSTRUMENT_EVENT_INTR_CHAIN_ISR):
	Added this event.

Thu Sep 24 11:07:12 1998  David Moore  <>

	* tests/except1.cxx: 
	* tests/kexcept1.cxx: 
	Made exception tests detect when CYGPKG_KERNEL_EXCEPTIONS
	is disabled.

1998-09-22  Bart Veer  <>

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h:
	Changed the kernel package from type bool to type dummy, since
	it is not yet possible to disable this package.

1998-09-20  Mark Galassi  <>

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h: updated CDL doc strings.
	fixed some typos in my doc strings.

1998-09-18  Nick Garnett  <>

	* src/common/thread.cxx: 
	* include/thread.inl:
	Modified threads list from a LIFO stack to a ring so that we can
	add new ones to the end and present the threads to GDB in an order
	that more closely matches how it assigns thread ids.
Wed Sep 16 19:11:22 1998  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* include/thread.inl (get_unique_id): 
	Move this declaration to before its first use, so that the user
	knows it is inline at the point of use.  Avoids a warning.

Wed Sep 16 08:49:48 1998  Jesper Skov  <>
        PR 17269
 	* src/common/except.cxx (Cyg_Exception_Control): Replaced
 	* include/kapidata.h (struct cyg_exception_conrol): Replaced
 	* src/intr/intr.cxx:
 	* include/intr.hxx (class Cyg_Interrupt): Replaced CYG_ISR_MAX+1
 	* include/except.hxx: Replaced CYGNUM_EXCEPTION_COUNT with
 	* tests/kintr0.c: 
 	* tests/intr0.cxx: Replaced CYG_ISR_MAX (bug!) with
Tue Sep 15 19:19:37 1998  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* include/mboxt2.hxx:
	Add inclusion of thread.inl to silence warning

	* tests/kexcept1.c:
	Insert void as parameter list of __default_exception_vsr() to
	silence	warning

Tue Sep 15 19:16:52 1998  David Moore  <>

	* src/sched/sched.cxx: Cleaned up comments.

1998-09-15  Nick Garnett  <>

	* src/debug/dbg-thread-demux.c:
	Stubbed out led() function.

	* src/debug/dbg_gdb.cxx:
	Decide whether to byteswap thread id depending on reported byte
	order of target.
	Many small changes to debug code.

	* include/thread.inl (init_context):

Tue Sep 15 09:35:14 1998  Jesper Skov  <>
	PR 17236

	* src/common/clock.cxx (add_alarm): A retriggering alarm called
	with a trigger time in the past or now will be assigned a new
	trigger time. Don't find the counter list until the final trigger
	time is known.
	Also added a few #else error statements to catch a situation where
	no CYGIMP_KERNEL_COUNTERS_x_LIST implementation config is
	* tests/clock0.cxx: Added extra ASSERT to ensure alarms enabled
	with a trigger time of now or in the past actually fire.
	* tests/kclock0.c: Same.
1998-09-15  Bart Veer  <>

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h:
	Cleaning up coonfiguration data (mostly improving the

Mon Sep 14 11:08:59 1998  Jesper Skov  <>
        PR 17230

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h: CYGIMP_KERNEL_INTERRUPTS_CHAIN

1998-09-14  Mark Galassi  <>

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h: started adding CDL doc fields.

1998-09-12  Bart Veer  <>

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h: 
	Sort out exception handling options (PR 16953)
	Added missing descriptions (PR 17184)

Fri Sep 11 19:18:28 1998  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* include/clock.hxx (class Cyg_Alarm): 
	* src/common/clock.cxx (Cyg_Alarm::add_alarm): 
	Move the code to synchronize a repeating alarm which had been
 	firing in the dim and distant past with times in the future, which
 	had been inline in Cyg_Alarm::enable(), into a function of its
 	own, Cyg_Alarm::synchronize().  Call it from Cyg_Alarm::enable()
	and also from add_alarm() when the immediate time to fire is now
	or in the past; otherwise an initial time of, say, NOW-10 with an
	interval of 5 would just get lost.  Also corrected/commented the
	logic there to allow an alarm's handler to cancel itself.
Wed Sep  9 17:43:26 1998  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* src/common/delete.cxx: 
	Control the provision of empty delete functions rather better, via
	an explicit option from the libc package.  Read the rather lengthy
	comment in delete.cxx for the explanation.
	Also note that the correct place for this functionality is in the
 	infrastructure, and the same should be done for the C++ new
 	functions also.

1998-09-09  Nick Garnett  <>

	* src/common/thread.cxx:
	combined separate next_unique_id variables in both constructors.
	This would have caused duplicate thread ids to be generated.

	* include/thread.inl:
	Added code to initialize Cyg_HardwareThread::saved_context.

	* src/debug/dbg-thread-demux.c: 
	* src/debug/dbg_gdb.cxx:
	Many changes to get thread API working with Cygmon. Debug code
	currently left in place until complete testing is possible.

Tue Sep  8 17:17:32 1998  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h (CYGNUM_KERNEL_COUNTERS_RTC_PERIOD):
	Set up a sensible default RTC for CYG_HAL_MN10300_SIM different
 	from that for the MN103002 or CYG_HAL_MN10300_STDEVAL1, so that
 	sim tests run in less than geological time.  This is the same as
 	the default value of before.

Fri Sep  4 18:25:02 1998  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* src/sched/mlqueue.cxx (timeslice): 
	* src/sched/sched.cxx (unlock_inner): 
	Condition out the tracing macros here by default, for tracing
	these consumes the whole quantum.
1998-09-04  Bart Veer  <>

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h:
	Commented out the ROM monitor-specific option settings for now.
	* tests/kclock1.c: 
	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h: 
	* include/kapidata.h (struct cyg_counter): 
	Fixed typos in configuration option names.
1998-09-03  David Moore  <>

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h
	Fixed typo in configuration option name.

	* src/intr/intr.cxx:
	Fixed typo in configuration option name.
	Fixed cast to incorrect type.
1998-09-03  Nick Garnett  <>

	* src/PKGconf.mak (COMPILE): 
	Added debug/dbg-thread-demux.c to COMPILE list.
	* src/debug/dbg_gdb.cxx (dbg_threadinfo): 
	Added first cut at providing thread state string.
	* src/debug/dbg-thread-syscall.h: 
	* src/debug/dbg-thread-demux.c: 
	Added these two files to implement the interface between Cygmon
	and eCos.
1998-09-03  Bart Veer  <>

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h (CYGSEM_KERNEL_MEMORY_COALESCE): 
	* include/mvarimpl.inl (Cyg_Mempool_Variable_Implementation): 
	Fixed typo in configuration option name.
	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h:
	Fixed type in configuration option name.

Wed Sep  2 19:01:02 1998  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* include/mboxt.hxx:
	* include/mboxt.inl:
	* include/mboxt2.hxx:
	* include/mboxt2.inl:
	* include/mempolt2.hxx:
	* include/mempolt2.inl:
	* include/mempoolt.hxx:
	* include/mempoolt.inl:
	* include/sema2.hxx:
	* src/sync/cnt_sem2.cxx:
	* include/flag.hxx:
	* src/sync/flag.cxx:
	* include/kapi.h:
	* src/common/kapi.cxx:
	* tests/kmbox1.c:
	* tests/kmemfix1.c:
	* tests/kmemvar1.c:
	* tests/mbox1.cxx:
	* tests/memfix1.cxx:
	* tests/memvar1.cxx:
	Memory pool (both types) and message boxes (both types) and flags
 	and cnt_sem2-type semaphores now all have absolute timeouts
 	instead of relative ones in the timely wait functions.
	uITRON has changed to add the current time itself.
	Kapi changes are mainly name changes to make it clear that
	timeouts are now absolute.
	The tests (incl. kapi) add in the time themselves now.
1998-09-01  Tim Goodwin  <>

	* include/kapi.h:
	* src/common/kapi.cxx:
	* tests/kclock1.c:
	* tests/kexcept1.c:
	* tests/kmbox1.c:
	* tests/kmemfix1.c:
	* tests/kmemvar1.c:
	* tests/kmutex1.c:
	* tests/ksched1.c:
	* tests/ksem1.c:
	* tests/kthread0.c:
	* tests/kthread1.c:
	* src/test/kcache1.c:
	* src/test/kphilo.c:
	* tests/kphilo.c:
	* tests/lottery.c:
	Changes to cyg_thread_create() interface.

Tue Sep  1 18:49:06 1998  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h: 
	Moved and renamed CYG_DIAG_USE_DEVICE to infra and to
	CYGDBG_INFRA_DIAG_USE_DEVICE; kernel.h now includes infra.h as
	well as hal.h to ensure all its clients get the info too.
	* include/intr.hxx (class Cyg_Interrupt): 
	Add static member interrupts_enabled() to poll the current status;
	just to avoid calling the HAL directly, really.

	* include/diag.h: 
	Now just includes cyg/infra/diag.h, so that kernel-specific
	features can be added later - original diag.h has moved to infra,
	and is that includee.

	* src/PKGconf.mak: 
	Trace folder and its contents elided, now in infra.

	* src/trace/diag.c:
	* src/trace/fancy.cxx:
	* src/trace/null.cxx:
	* src/trace/simple.cxx:
	* src/trace/tcdiag.cxx:
	Deleted; all moved to infra, actually.

1998-09-01  Nick Garnett  <>

	* src/debug/dbg-threads-api.h: 
	* src/debug/dbg_gdb.cxx:
	Converted threadref from long long to char[8] as defined by Cygmon

	* src/common/thread.cxx:
	Added scheduler lock around manipulations of thread list.

	* include/except.hxx:
	Now use CYG_EXCEPTION_COUNT to size handler arrays.

Mon Aug 31 17:53:12 1998  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* include/memfixed.hxx, include/mempolt2.hxx, include/mempolt2.inl,
	  include/mempoolt.hxx, include/mempoolt.inl, include/memvar.hxx,
	  include/mvarimpl.hxx, include/mvarimpl.inl, src/mem/memfixed.cxx,
	Add new get_allocation_size() method to return the size of a
	previously allocated block - trivial for fixed block allocator, and
	requiring a bit of poking around for the variable block allocator.

	This is required for the C library realloc() implementation. Strictly
	this only uses the variable block allocator, but the API can only be
	enhanced by also updating the template. As a result, this also meant
	doing it for the fixed block allocator.	

Mon Aug 31 09:51:37 1998  Jesper Skov  <>

	* src/debug/stubrom.c (cyg_start): Renamed from main().

Mon Aug 31 09:00:01 1998  Jesper Skov  <>

	* src/common/thread.cxx: Fixed typo.

1998-08-28  Bart Veer  <>

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h, include/bitmap.hxx, include/clock.hxx,
	  include/except.hxx, include/flag.hxx, include/instrmnt.h,
	  include/intr.hxx, include/kapi.h, include/kapidata.h,
	  include/mbox.hxx, include/mboxt.hxx, include/mboxt.inl,
	  include/mboxt2.hxx, include/mboxt2.inl, include/memfixed.hxx,
	  include/mempolt2.hxx, include/mempolt2.inl,
	  include/mempoolt.hxx, include/mempoolt.inl, include/memvar.hxx,
	  include/mlqueue.hxx, include/mutex.hxx, include/mvarimpl.inl,
	  include/sched.hxx, include/sema.hxx, include/sema2.hxx,
	  include/thread.hxx, include/thread.inl,
	  src/common/clock.cxx, src/common/except.cxx,
	  src/common/kapi.cxx, src/common/thread.cxx,
	  src/debug/dbg_gdb.cxx, src/debug/generic-stub.c,
	  src/instrmnt/meminst.cxx, src/instrmnt/nullinst.cxx,
	  src/intr/intr.cxx, src/mem/memfixed.cxx, src/mem/memvar.cxx,
	  src/sched/bitmap.cxx, src/sched/lottery.cxx,
	  src/sched/mlqueue.cxx, src/sched/sched.cxx,
	  src/sync/cnt_sem.cxx, src/sync/cnt_sem2.cxx, src/sync/flag.cxx,
	  src/sync/mbox.cxx, src/sync/mutex.cxx, src/test/diag.cxx,
	  src/test/kcache1.c, src/test/main.cxx, src/test/timer.cxx,
	  tests/clock0.cxx, tests/clock1.cxx, tests/except1.cxx,
	  tests/flag1.cxx, tests/intr0.cxx, tests/kclock0.c,
	  tests/kclock1.c, tests/kexcept1.c, tests/kintr0.c,
	  tests/kmbox1.c, tests/kmemfix1.c, tests/kmemvar1.c,
	  tests/kmutex0.c, tests/kmutex1.c, tests/ksched1.c,
	  tests/ksem0.c, tests/ksem1.c, tests/kthread0.c,
	  tests/kthread1.c, tests/lottery.c, tests/mbox1.cxx,
	  tests/memfix1.cxx, tests/memvar1.cxx, tests/sync3.cxx,
	  tests/thread2.cxx :
	Provide configuration data and rename configuration options

Fri Aug 28 15:27:31 1998  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* src/trace/fancy.cxx: 
	* src/trace/simple.cxx: 
	* src/trace/null.cxx: 
	Condition on newly named symbols from the infra package, whence
	these units will be moved soon.
Fri Aug 28 09:33:17 1998  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* src/test/demo.cxx, src/test/kcache1.c, src/test/kphilo.c,
	  src/test/main.cxx, src/test/philo.cxx, src/test/sload.c,
	  src/test/timer.cxx, src/test/tstflag.cxx, src/test/tstmbox.cxx,
	  src/test/tstmpf.cxx, src/test/tstmpool.cxx, src/test/tsttracc.c,
	  src/test/tsttrace.cxx, tests/bin_sem0.cxx, tests/bin_sem1.cxx,
	  tests/bin_sem2.cxx, tests/clock0.cxx, tests/clock1.cxx,
	  tests/cnt_sem0.cxx, tests/cnt_sem1.cxx, tests/except1.cxx,
	  tests/flag0.cxx, tests/flag1.cxx, tests/intr0.cxx, tests/kclock0.c,
	  tests/kclock1.c, tests/kexcept1.c, tests/kill.cxx, tests/kintr0.c,
	  tests/kmbox1.c, tests/kmemfix1.c, tests/kmemvar1.c, tests/kmutex0.c,
 	  tests/kmutex1.c, tests/kphilo.c, tests/ksched1.c, tests/ksem0.c,
 	  tests/ksem1.c, tests/kthread0.c, tests/kthread1.c, tests/lottery.c,
 	  tests/mbox1.cxx, tests/memfix1.cxx, tests/memfix2.cxx,
 	  tests/memvar1.cxx, tests/memvar2.cxx, tests/mutex0.cxx,
	  tests/mutex1.cxx, tests/philo.cxx, tests/release.cxx,
	  tests/sched1.cxx, tests/sync2.cxx, tests/sync3.cxx,
	  tests/thread0.cxx, tests/thread1.cxx, tests/thread2.cxx:
	Change entry points from main() to cyg_start(), and remove return
	codes - while main returned an int, cyg_start() returns void. It has
	no meaning anyway - what could you do with the code?

	* src/test/tsttracc.c, src/test/tsttrace.cxx:
	Also change trace calls (CYG_REPORT_...) to reflect that it is a
	function called cyg_start with no args returning void, rather than
	what it was for main(argc, argv)

Fri Aug 28 09:24:41 1998  Jesper Skov  <>

	* src/debug/generic-stub.c: Moved strcpy/strlen from hal-stub to
	generic-stub. Cleaned up a bit to avoid compiler warnings.

Thu Aug 27 19:22:51 1998  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* tests/kphilo.c (Philosopher): 
	* tests/philo.cxx (Philosopher): 
	* src/test/philo.cxx (Philosopher): 
	* src/test/kphilo.c (Philosopher): 
	* src/common/kapi.cxx: 
	These changes are self-contained, so they can go in right now.
Thu Aug 27 15:20:31 1998  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* include/mvarimpl.inl (free): 
	Remove a couple of warning due to pointer comparison without casts
	in coallesce(sic.) code.

1998-08-26  Nick Garnett  <>

	* include/kapidata.h:
	Added saved_context to cyg_hardwarethread structure to track
	GDB support in rest of kernel.

1998-08-25  Nick Garnett  <>

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h:
	interactions with the kernel.

	* src/debug/dbg-threads-api.h: 
	* src/debug/dbg_gdb.cxx:
	Added these files to repository to support GDB interactions
	with the kernel. Note that dbg-threads-api.h is a copy of a
	file in devo/libstub. Any changes there must be merged in here

	* src/PKGconf.mak:
	Added debug/dbg_gdb.cxx to COMPILE list.

	* include/thread.inl: 
	* include/thread.hxx:
	Added support for GDB, specifically for thread-aware debugging.

	* include/intr.hxx:
	* src/intr/intr.cxx:
	Added an extra argument to interrupt_end(): a pointer to
	the saved register state. This is optionally used to provide
	a more interesting saved register state for GDB.

Tue Aug 25 02:36:26 1998  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* include/generic-stub.h: 
	Add void to empty prototype argument lists to silence compiler

Fri Aug 21 18:46:34 1998  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* src/common/clock.cxx (enable): 
	Make the maths work right if we only just set up the clock
	thingy.  Unsigned has a lot to answer for; when the next scheduled
	tick was all correct, the delta was -1, which correctly rounds to
	zero in the division.  But it isn't -1 it's 18446744073709551615
 	which gave a shift of 15 in the the uITRON test programs.

Fri Aug 21 11:40:50 1998  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* include/mboxt2.inl (put): 
	* include/mempolt2.inl (alloc): 
	Tidy Nick's changes (1998-07-27) for set_timer() semantics a bit,
	make it a bit more efficient and smaller code.
Thu Aug 20 17:37:35 BST 1998  Chris Provenzano  <>

	* include/mvarimpl.inl, include/pkgconf/kernel.h:
	Added memory coallecsing to the variable size memory allocator.
	This option is enabled my default.

	* tests/stdlib/malloc2.c: Only print 50 messages, not 500.

1998-08-20  Nick Garnett  <>

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h:
	Moved definition of CYG_KERNEL_USE_INIT_PRIORITY from here
	to hal.h.

	* include/thread.hxx:
	Changed argument to cyg_thread_entry() to CYG_ADDRWORD from

	* include/ktypes.h:
	Moved constructor priority ordering stuff out to infra/cyg_type.h.

	* include/kapi.h: 
	* src/common/kapi.cxx:
	Added name and priority parameters to cyg_thread_create() and
	swapped stack size and base parameters. These changes are
	currently protected by DAY_OF_CHAOS ifdefs and are therefore

Wed Aug 19 19:06:16 1998  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* tests/bin_sem1.cxx, tests/bin_sem2.cxx, tests/cnt_sem1.cxx,
	  tests/flag1.cxx, tests/mbox1.cxx, tests/memfix2.cxx,
	  tests/memvar2.cxx, tests/sync2.cxx, tests/sync3.cxx,
	  tests/thread2.cxx, tests/release.cxx, tests/kill.cxx: 
	Reorder inclusion of thread.inl to silence warnings

Wed Aug 19 18:48:03 1998  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* include/kernel.hxx: 
	Reorder inclusion of thread.inl to silence warnings

Wed Aug 19 18:21:31 1998  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* src/common/kapi.cxx, src/sync/flag.cxx: 
	Reorder inclusion of thread.inl to silence warnings

	* src/sync/bin_sem.cxx, src/sync/cnt_sem.cxx, src/sync/cnt_sem2.cxx,
	Add inclusion of thread.inl to silence warnings

	* src/common/memset.c:
	Make pointer arithmetic be on char *, not void * to silence warnings

	* include/diag.h, src/trace/diag.c:
	Make diag_init take void parameter, and give diag_printf explicit
	parameters in prototypes to silence warnings

1998-08-19  Nick Garnett  <>

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h: 
	* src/common/thread.cxx:
	Added ifdef for CYGIMP_IDLE_THREAD_YIELD to support single
	priority configurations.

Tue Aug 18 16:56:38 1998  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* include/thread.hxx, include/thread.inl: 
	To silence compiler warnings, move register_exception inline definition
	from the .hxx to the .inl. Also move attach_stack to before the
	constructor where it is invoked from.

1998-08-18  Nick Garnett  <>

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h:
	Moved all HAL specific config options out to a HAL config file.

	* include/kapi.h: 
	* src/common/kapi.cxx:
	Added cyg_scheduler_lock() and cyg_scheduler_unlock() to provide
	user access to the scheduler lock.

Mon Aug 17 21:39:20 1998  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* include/kapi.h: 
	Insert "void" to empty parameter lists to silence warnings

Fri Aug 14 18:10:20 1998  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* src/common/thread.cxx (exit): 
	Set the state explicitly to EXITED rather than or'ing
	it in; should be safe cos it's what kill does in the normal case.
	Needed to avoid suspend sort of states persisting after death.
	One character changes are always aesthetically pleasing.

Fri Aug 14 17:28:01 1998  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h: 
	Add config options as below:

	* src/common/thread.cxx:
	Also lazily tidied format of func hdrs as per code review et al.

1998-08-14  Nick Garnett  <>

	* include/kapidata.h:
	Added support for thread names and thread housekeeping list.

	* src/common/delete.cxx:
	Added include for cyg_type.h.

	* include/pkgconf/kernel.h:

	* include/thread.inl: 
	* include/thread.hxx:
	Added support for thread names and thread housekeeping list.

	* src/common/thread.cxx:
	Added support for thread names and thread housekeeping list.
	Fixed ordering bug in Cyg_Thread::delay().

Thu Aug 13 15:33:48 1998  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* include/ktypes.h:
	Remove inlined new and delete as they aren't strictly permitted and
	they prevent a valid new and delete being defined anywhere else!
	* src/common/delete.cxx, src/PKGconf.mak: 
	Add delete.cxx to provide default delete operation for when a C
	library isn't present

1998-07-28  Nick Garnett  <>

	* include/thread.hxx, include/sched.hxx, include/mlqueue.hxx,
	  include/lottery.hxx, include/bitmap.hxx, src/common/thread.cxx,
	  src/sched/sched.cxx, src/sched/mlqueue.cxx, src/sched/lottery.cxx,
	Added an alternative constructor to Cyg_Thread which takes
	arguments in new order, and includes a scheduling parameters
	argument. Propagated effects of this through Cyg_SchedThread
	and Cyg_SchedThread_Implementation. This mostly takes the form
	of passing the scheduling parameters through to the constructors.

1998-07-27  Nick Garnett  <>

	* src/sync/flag.cxx, src/sync/cnt_sem2.cxx, include/mempoolt.inl,
	  include/mempolt2.inl, include/mboxt2.inl, include/mboxt.inl:
	Modified code in API calls that take a timeout to allow for a
	timeout in the past.
	NOTE: The timeouts have for now been left as relative delays, they
	should be converted to absolute timeouts.

	* src/common/thread.cxx:
	Modified code in counted_sleep to allow	for a timeout in the past.
	Added handling of EXIT wake_reason in delay().

1998-07-24  Nick Garnett  <>

	* include/thread.inl:
	Reordered code in Cyg_Thread::set_timer() to init the timer after
	wake_reason has been assigned.

	* include/clock.inl: 
	Removed Cyg_Alarm::enable().
	* src/sync/mutex.cxx (Cyg_Condition_Variable::wait): 
	Modified order of code in timed version of wait to allow for a
	timout in the past.
	* src/sync/cnt_sem.cxx (Cyg_Counting_Semaphore::wait):
	Modified order of code in timed version of wait to allow for a
	timout in the past. Also modified timeout to be absolute rather
	than relative.

	* src/common/thread.cxx (Cyg_Thread::wake):
	Added test for whether a thread is actually asleep before waking
	it. Allows us to apply wake() to awake threads without damage.

	* src/common/clock.cxx:
	Added code to Cyg_Counter::add_alarm() to deal with alarms
	that trigger now or in the past.
	Moved Cyg_Alarm::enable() here. Added code to do the right thing
	when reenabling previously disabled interval alarms.

1998-07-23  Nick Garnett  <>

	* src/debug/stubrom.c: Added header comments.

Thu Mar 26 18:25:36 1998  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* src/test/philo.cxx:

Wed Mar 25 23:23:39 GMT 1998  Chris Provenzano  <>

	* Fix so non_arch.h is updated even if
	config.cache does exists.

	* include/kapi.h, include/kapidata.h, include/kernel.hxx
	* include/mboxt.inl, include/sched.hxx:
	#include <eccconf/kernel.h> instead of include <eccconf/kernel.h>

	* include/eccconf/kernel.h: Added. This was old devo/config.h

	* src/ : Set CYG_CONFIGURATION to "<eccconf/kernel.h>"

	* src/test/ : Build .gdbinit from
	and tree from

Wed Mar 25 18:24:48 1998  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* src/, src/common/memcpy.c, src/common/memset.c:
	  Move memcpy and memset functions from C library into kernel to
	  satisfy the requirements of gcc - namely it must be available at
	  at all time. Changed memcpy and memset to sit more cleanly in the
	  kernel, and lose all dependencies on the C library
	* src/ regenerated

Fri Mar 13 18:36:42 GMT 1998  Chris Provenzano  <>

	* : Add rule to get correct objcopy for target
	* src/test/ : Add rule to build philo.srec

Fri Mar 13 11:47:23 GMT 1998  Chris Provenzano  <>

	Add support for the mn103000

Thu Mar 12 11:38:28 GMT 1998  David Moore       <>

	* src/
	Removed flag to leave comments in generated linker script.
Thu Mar 12 10:55:20 GMT 1998  David Moore       <>

	Fixed setting of platform variable

Wed Mar 11 16:54:28 GMT 1998  Chris Provenzano  <>

	* src/test/, tests/
	Make sure CXXFLAGS from configure are also used

Wed Mar 11 16:16:57 GMT 1998  Chris Provenzano  <>

	Added build support for mips 
	* tests/, src/test/
	Link with -nostdlib -lgcc

Wed Mar 11 14:43:36 GMT 1998  Chris Provenzano  <>

	*,, tests/
	support building tests in the tests directory

Wed Mar 11 13:18:17 GMT 1998  Chris Provenzano  <>

	* acinclude.m4,,, src/
	Added to support new kernel configure/make process

	* Modified to support new kernel configure/make 

	* src/acinclude.m4, src/aclocal.m4, src/configure, src/
	Deleted to support new kernel configure/make process

	*, configure, aclocal.m4, src/, 
	src/configure: regenerated

	* New shellscript to change platform/startup/debug
	options after a configure is done.

	* src/devo/config.h: include non_arch.h, for platform/startup/debug
	options. This is generated at configure and modified by

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