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* current.ect: Added CYGPKG_CRC
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date Mon, 12 Aug 2002 07:55:38 +0000
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2002-08-09  Andrew Lunn  <>

	* current.ect: Added CYGPKG_CRC

2002-01-29  Jesper Skov  <>

	* current.ect: Added CYGPKG_NET_OPENBSD_STACK.

2001-11-27  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	 current.ect: Provide default for CYGBLD_ISO_STRING_BSD_FUNCS_HEADER

2001-10-01  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* current.ect: Add net related packages.

2001-08-21  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* current.ect: Pre-infer CYGBLD_ISO_PMUTEXTYPES_HEADER.

2000-11-03  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* current.ect: Update inferred values for current CDL.

2000-07-22  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* current.ect: Don't include signals package by default as it conflicts
	with POSIX

2000-07-04  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* current.ect: Update to reflect new libc package layout, isoinfra,
	and addition of CYGPKG_MEMALLOC
	Also posix

2000-05-31  Jesper Skov  <>

	* current.ect: Renamed watchdog package.

2000-04-07  Hugo Tyson  <>

	* ecos.db: Re-organize device packages.  This is a massive change
	involving deleting all the sources for serial and ethernet drivers
	from where they used to live in
	and reinstating them in

	All these new packages are properly defined in ecos.db, and are
	all of type "hardware" so that a "target" can grab them.
	This directory layout is descriptive of the devices we have right
	now, arch and platform are separate levels just to make it easier
	to navigate in the filesystem and similar to the HAL structure in
	the filesystem.

	It is *not* prescriptive of future work; for example, the mythical
	common highly-portable 16550 serial driver which works on many
	targets would be called "devs/serial/s16550/current", or a serial
	device for a particular board (cogent springs to mind) that can
	work with different CPUs fitted is "devs/serial/cogent/current".

	Changelogs have been preserved and replicated over all the new
	packages, so that no history is lost.

	The contents of individual source files are unchanged; they build
	in just the same emvironment except for a very few cases where the
	config file name changed in this movement.

	Targets in ecos.db have been redefined to bring in all relevant
	hardware packages including net and serial drivers (but the newly
	included packages are only active if their desired parent is
	The names of CDL options (and their #defines of course) stay the
	same for the serial drivers, for backward compatibility.

	* templates/*/current.ect: these have had CYGPKG_IO_SERIAL added
	rather than it being in (almost) all target definitions.
2000-04-05  Jesper Skov  <>

	* current.ect: Wallclock moved.

2000-02-08  Gary Thomas  <>

	* current.ect: Remove network package which, now distributed

2000-01-28  Gary Thomas  <>

	* current.ect: Add network package.

1999-12-09  Bart Veer  <>

	* templates/all directory created

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